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Chael Sonnen’s Suspension Lifted, May Reapply For Fighter’s License

Oft-embattled UFC middleweight Chael Sonnen took to Twitter today in order to announce his excitement over being released from his California State Athletic Commission-mandated suspension.

“I can finally get back to the most important thing in my life. Defending my Middleweight Championship,” he wrote.

Stemming from statements that Sonnen made of questionable legitimacy during his hearing over his UFC 117 suspension — which came as a result of his improper disclosure of the testosterone replacement therapy he undergoes — and his involvement in a federal money laundering case related to mortgage fraud, the controversial middleweight was recently indefinitely suspended by the CSAC.

CSAC director George Dodd spoke with today, to whom he revealed that Sonnen’s suspension has been lifted and that he is now free to reapply for his fighter’s license in other states, but that he must still reappear in front of the CSAC before he can be licensed in California.

“He can be removed from the suspension list and he is able to re-apply to any agency or any commission,” George Dodd, the Commission’s executive officer, told on Wednesday. “In California he would have to appear before the Commission before the Commission would license.”

Though this is certainly a step in the right direction for Sonnen in regards to getting back in the cage, Dodd was quick to point out that the Oregonian still has hoops to jump through before his fans see him back in action.

“He’s back as far as he may be able to get licensed in other states,” Dodd said. “Whether he’s back is up to each individual organization to license him. I guess if (Sonnen) says he’s back [to fighting] he’s probably back into training, but I don’t know if he’s been licensed in any other state.”

Sonnen last appeared in action in a losing effort to UFC middleweight champ Anderson Silva at UFC 117 in August of 2010.