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Lorenzo Fertitta On Randy Couture: “He’s Going To Go Down As One Of The Greatest Of All Time”

UFC Hall of Famer and all-around MMA legend Randy “The Natural” Couture has walked away from the sport he helped to build after a fourteen-year career which saw him accomplish most all that there is to be accomplished.

The 46-year-old captured the UFC light heavyweight and heavyweight championships, each on more than one occasion and squared off against some of the absolute best fighters in the world in both divisions. He is the consummate professional and will no doubt be rightfully revered for years to come.

Zuffa CEO and co-owner Lorenzo Fertitta recently spoke with about the iconic retired MMA fighter.

“There’s no question that Randy Couture has to go down as a pioneer. He’s actually a living legend. He has done everything in the sport: from beating the best guys in the world, to holding world titles, to defending world titles.

“He has helped to define the sport as we grew up, because when we started this thing, it was really in its infancy and people didn’t look at it the way they look at it now. Randy was one of those guys who had the ability to communicate to the general public and to help the sport to crossover.

“He has this incredible way of speaking about the sport, and people look at him in a way that they’ll say, ‘This is not a barbaric sport.’ That’s because here’s a guy who’s extremely intelligent and charismatic.

“Couple that [manner] with his way of approaching the game. It wasn’t ever about brute force, or brawling, or anything like that with Randy; it was very cerebral. Randy took every fight, broke it down, had a gameplan and basically broke guys down, depending on what their strengths or weaknesses were.

“He’s a true professional. Clearly, he’s going to go down as one of the greatest of all time”