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Frank Mir “Would Bet On Cain Velasquez” Against Most All Heavyweights

Number one UFC heavyweight contender Junior dos Santos handily defeated former interim champ Shane Carwin at UFC 131 recently, cementing his status as the number one contender to Cain Velasquez’s championship belt.

Despite his continued impressive showings, former UFC heavyweight champ Frank Mir told recently that he isn’t convinced dos Santos has what it takes to dethrone Velasquez.

“I’m still not completely sold on dos Santos. (He hasn’t seen the UFC 131 fight between JDS/Carwin). I don’t know how well-rounded he is. Velasquez right now, though, I think is a hard match-up for everybody. I think he posses the one tool that is every heavyweight’s Achilles heel and that’s his cardio. It’s amazing that he has cardio on the same level as most welterweights that are at the top of their cardio game. He’s shown to be extremely well-rounded as far as hands, takedowns. He threw Brock Lesnar around like a rag doll, I couldn’t believe it, I mean he out-struck him obviously but he picked him up and threw him down and I was blown away by that. Also, Brock with all that size and power couldn’t even hold him down once he had taken him down. So, right now, I’m pretty much if you tell me Cain Velasquez and anybody to name on the other end of that roster, I would bet on Cain Velasquez.”

Mir recently defeated Roy Nelson via dominant unanimous decision at UFC 130 and is likely only one or two impressive victories away from a shot at the title himself.