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UFC 131: Demian Maia Vs. Mark Muñoz

The following is from our live coverage of UFC 131: Dos Santos vs. Carwin. To access our full coverage, click here.

Round 1: Both men come out of the gate quick, with Munoz loading up on his right hand. Munoz is wobbled by something after throwing a leg kick and Maia senses it, closing in with another right hand. Munoz whiffs on a few kick attempts and Maia closes the distance with a big right hand. He has Munoz pressed against the fence and Munoz is having a hard time reversing. The ref breaks it, somewhat questionably. Maia is throwing his left with some heat, backing Munoz up. He misses on a kick, but he is clearly catching Munoz off guard with his aggressive and powerful striking. They clinch and Munoz turns Maia against the cage. Maia breaks away. Munoz whiffs on a big right. Munoz keeps Maia honest with a left hook. Munoz tries for a head kick that is blocked. He is then turned around by strikes from Maia. Maia is walking Munoz down with his punches, but Munoz is doing well landing the left hook counter as he moves in. They start to throw down as the round closes, with Munoz moving forward but taking most of the damage. He shoots for the takedown, but the bell sounds before he can finish. scores the round 10-9 for Maia

Round 2: Munoz spins Maia around with a one-two. Munoz is wrecking Maia’s body with shots as Maia dives for a takedown. He avoids the takedown, but Maia is looking to pull guard. They get to their feet. Maia backs Munoz up now and Munoz nails him with a big left. Maia dives for another takedown and Munoz goes for a D’Arce choke. He cannot complete it and Maia ends up on top briefly before Munoz backs out and tags him with a right while he holds his leg. Maia tries for another takedown and Munoz starts to hammer his body and legs with those big shots from the top again. Maia trying to pull guard again and he pulls it off this time. Maia gets to his feet and Munoz looks to put him back down. He gets it and presses Maia against the cage. He starts in with the short elbows while trying to posture up and land a big shot. Munoz works Maia’s side while they fight for position against the fence. The action stalls and the ref stands them up. scores the round 10-9 for Munoz

Round 3: They touch gloves and sort of awkwardly hug to start the third. Maia lands a nice right that sends Munoz off balance. Munoz shoots a deep double and puts Maia on his back briefly, but the Brazilian gets to his feet. Munoz goes for the single again behind some punches, but Maia reverses the position and looks to take Munoz’s back. Maia goes for the crucifix from behind, but Munoz spins out and looks for the takedown against the cage. Maia avoids and turns Munoz into the cage. Munoz reverses with two minutes to go, but can’t seem to get Maia to the mat. They clinch against the fence and the crowd boos the inactivity. The ref breaks them and they take back to the center. Maia landsa nice left hand and then misses a head kick. Munoz landsa body kick. Maia hits a nice knee and then misses a takedown. Munoz tosses Maia to the mat and misses a big right hand. Maia gets back to his feet and they clinch against the fence again. Maia reverses him and they break. They trade hard body kicks. This is anyone’s fight all the way down to the bell. scores the round 10-10

Great fight, but it’s hard to pick a winner.

Mark Muñoz defeated Demian Maia via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

How Muñoz took that fight 30-27 on one judge’s card is hard to understand. Muñoz admits that Maia’s stand up was surprising, as well as his work against the cage.