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UFC 131: Jesse Bongfeldt Vs. Chris Weidman

The following is from our live coverage of UFC 131: Dos Santos vs. Carwin. To access our full coverage, click here.

Matt Serra and Ray Longo cornering Weidman for this fight. The Canadian Bongfeldt unsurprisingly gets the support of the crowd.

Round 1: Weidman tries for a head kick early, but it misses. Bongfeldt lands a head kick that has Weidman turning away and looking for space. Weidman grabs the clinch and gets the takedown, fighting through a reversal and getting on top in side control. Bongfeldt fighting well from his back, returning fire as Weidman postures up and lands some big shots. Weidman gets side control again before moving to north-south. He goes for a kimura but Bongfeldt avoids it easily and regains guard. Weidman to half guard, then side control again. Weidman dominating the grappling, going for the kimura from north-south again. Bongfeldt gets to his feet and lands a kick with some punches behind it. Weidman lands a nice knee to the body when Bongfeldt looks for the takedown and then locks up a standing guillotine with just under ten seconds to go which forces Bongfeldt to tap.

Chris Weidman defeated Jesse Bongfeldt via submission (guillotine) at 4:54 of round 1

Weidman explains that his meniscus popped into his joint during the fight, but says that he’s not making any excuses. He won handily‚Ķ