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UFC 131: Dustin Poirier Vs. Jason Young

The following is from our live coverage of UFC 131: Dos Santos vs. Carwin. To access our full coverage, click here.

Young and his sidehawk making their UFC debut tonight, while Poirier will be looking to continue with the momentum that he built by spoiling Josh Grispi’s UFC debut earlier this year.

“Big” John will oversee this featherweight contest.

Round 1: They touch gloves and settle in at the center of the cage. A good inside leg kick by Poirier and Young returns fire. Poirier is going after Young with punches, backing Young up before pressing him into the fence. Poirier gets the takedown, but Young looks to work the kimura. They get to their feet, where Young turns Poirier into the fence. Young landing some nice body shots. Both men fighting for and reversing position on the fence. A good knee and right hook land for Poirier. Young goes high with a kick, but Poirier blocks it. Young lands a nice right hand, then throws a double jumping kick to the body. Poirier with a hard leg kick, then one to the body. Young throws a flying knee to the body and Poirier returns fire with some hard punches. Poirier looking much wilder than Young, but landing some hard shots in the exchanges. Young bleeding from his left eye. They trade kicks twice. Young falls after a head kick and Poirier tries to get after him quickly. Great first round so far, very close with both men landing well. They end the round trading leg kicks and punches. scores the round 10-10

Round 2: They touch gloves again and get right back to it. They trade hard leg kicks that both land, with Young’s stinging a bit more. Another double round kick by Poirier. Poirier with a hard body kick. Young whiffs on a wheel kick attempt. Poirier chucks Young off of him when the British fighter looks to establish the plum. “Big” John halts the action when Poirier lands a little low with an inside leg kick. Young lands an inside leg kick when they restart. Young is starting to find his shots, especially with his leg kicks. Poirier’s more wild assault has slowed, though he doesn’t look especially tired. Poirier landing well with the straight right. Young is hammering Poirier’s thighs with the inside leg kick. Young pushes forward with a nice multi-punch combination. The two trade some hard punches, with Young scoring well with two hard right hands. The two throw down toward the end of the round, with Young getting taken down after he gets a little too confident. Showing fatigue, Poirier can’t capitalize much on the position. scores the round 10-10

This fight could very well be split down the middle, with the first going to Poirier and the second to Young. Very close fight.

Round 3: They get back to it right away, trading shots with neither man taking the clear edge. Poirier initiates the plum and they end up against the fence with Poirier looking for the double. Young fighting it off well, but Poirier is persistent and eventually gets the takedown. Young gets up to his feet and Poirier drags him right back down, but Young gets right back up. Poirier goes back in for the takedown and he gets it. Young landing some short elbows to Poirier’s head and body. A minute to go and Poirier is doing little more than holding Young. Young gets to his feet, but Poirier drags him back down again. Young back up again, but Poirier is still hanging onto him and gets the takedown again, placing Young in the center of the cage. Young working some busy hammerfists from his back as the round closes. scores the round 10-9 for Poirier

Poirier tells Young that he’s sorry for stalling in the last round. The two go over the fight together before the decision is announced.

Dustin Poirier defeated Jason Young via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)