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Josh Barnett Says Licensing Will Not Be An Issue In Texas

Earlier this week ran a story which revealed that Josh Barnett has not yet applied for his fighter’s license in the state of Texas, where he will meet Brett Rogers in the opening round of the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix.

Having run afoul of American athletic commissions in the past, this revelation caused quite a stir. However, Barnett recently appeared on the Sherdog Radio Network’s Savage Dog Show, where he revealed that he isn’t the only fighter to have held off on doing his paperwork, due to the particular regulations in Texas.

“Some MMA — and I use this term loosely — journalist sites decided to poke around and grab some information, and run with it and use my name as the lead, even though there are something like nine other athletes who are still in the process of doing their paperwork,” said Barnett. “They basically ran stories that got everybody hyped up and stressed out, and now [people] are hitting me up on Twitter.”

Barnett explained that licenses in the state of Texas are not cleared until after a fighter’s medical exams have been processed and with blood work having to be done no sooner than thirty days prior to a fight, “there is no point in turning in paperwork a month in advance if you don’t have the [blood work].”

The 33-year-old assured that it will be no problem for him to get licensed and that all of the ruckus caused over the situation was for naught.

“I did everything within [the required] timespan,” said Barnett. “In fact, I got my [blood work] order set up before the 30 days came up so that I could just walk in to the laboratory and get my blood work done, and walk out. The UFC isn’t stressing, and neither is Texas, and neither is my team. It’s a complete non-story.”