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Bisping, Miller Make Picks For UFC 131 Main Event

Colorful UFC middleweights Michael Bisping and Jason “Mayhem” Miller are currently set to coach the fourteenth season of The Ultimate Fighter opposite one another, but they won’t have to wait until the season kicks off to start competing.

In UFC president Dana White’s UFC 131 video blog, Bisping and Miller are asked to make picks for this weekend’s heavyweight main event between Shane Carwin and Junior Dos Santos and the differences in their personalities were already on display.

“Dos Santos,” chose Bisping. “I think he’s gonna be too fast, to athletic and avoid the takedown. I think Carwin will start getting tired and Dos Santos will take over.”

But does “The Count” see the Brazilian shutting off his fellow knockout artist’s lights?

“I don’t know,” he said. “I think he’ll win. Yeah, maybe [he’ll] knock him out. But, saying that, Shane Carwin is a f***ing beast so I’ll probably regret saying that. I don’t know, it’s gonna be a good fight.”

“Mayhem” on the other hand, sees Carwin taking the fight on account of his restructured diet and revamped training regimen.

“Shane Carwin all day,” said Miller. “Shane Carwin’s taking it to him. He’s changed up his diet a bit — I’ve read a lot of stuff about what he’s been doing. I think he learned a lot from that Brock Lesnar fight. He’s adapted his game, adapted his conditioning. You can tell by his body, he doesn’t have a lot of beach muscles anymore. He looks like he’s in shape, I’m sure he’s strong, he has a good training camp. I feel like he’s gonna run away with that fight. ”

Miller also stated that he sees this bout having the potential to be one of the most exciting heavyweight fights of all time.

It’s almost the best thing that could’ve happened for you guys, that that fight got put together,” he told White. “Because that, I think is a way more exciting fight than even the Brock Lesnar-Junior dos Santos fight. I think you guys got lucky with that one.”

Carwin and Dos Santos meet this Saturday night in the main event of UFC 131, which goes down at the Rogers Arena in Vancouver, British Columbia.