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TUF 13 Finale: Chuck O’Neil Vs. Chris Cope

The following is from our live coverage of The Ultimate Fighter 13 Finale. To access our full coverage, click here.

Round 1: Cope lands first with a double-jab. O’Neil with a nice leg kick. They briefly clinch against the cage, but break shortly after. O’Neil whiffs on a head kick. They trade inside leg kicks. O’Neil with a slapping body kick. Cope lands a hard left hook that backs O’Neil up. Cope moves forward behind another left hook and they clinch against the fence. O’Neil turns him into the cage and then breaks away. O’Neil lands a good leg kick. O’Neil with a good counter right hand. Again Cope gets tagged with a right as he moves in with a combo. Cope goes high with a kick. O’Neil returns fire with a hard body kick. scores the round 10-9 for Cope

Round 2: They trade inside leg kicks, with Cope getting the better of it. Cope dictating the standup; he presses O’Neil into the fence, but O’Neil reverses and they break. Cope misses on a high kick. Cope misses a spinning back kick. Cope not exactly landing bombs, but he’s landing and keeping O’Neil hesitant to pull the trigger. They trade leg kicks again. Cope outclasses O’Neil all the way to the bell. scores the round 10-9 for Cope

Round 3: Cope with a good leg kick to open the round. Cope presses O’Neil into the fence and O’Neil reverses him again, breaking away shortly after. Cope lands a nice left hand. Cope scores with a Superman punch-leg kick combo å la Georges St-Pierre. Cope with a head kick and a spinning heel kick that barely misses. Cope grabs the plum and lands a knee before O’Neil goes for the takedown. Cope avoids. Cope lets out a “Woo!” in the middle of the ring as he starts to pour it on. Spinning back fist lands for Cope. O’Neil apparently content to lay back and let Cope run away with the fight. Cope with a nice right hand that comes over the top. Cope barely misses on a spinning back kick again. scores the round 10-8 for Cope

Chris Cope defeated Chuck O’Neil via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

“C-Murder” to all the doubters: “How do you like me in high definition?”