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“The Ultimate Fighter 13 Finale” Results

Welcome to’s live coverage of The Ultimate Fighter 13 Finale.

Tonight’s fight card comes to us live from the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada. The main card will be televised on Spike TV at 9 PM ET.

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Now, on to the action! We’ll have live round-by round coverage of all preliminary and main card bouts updated every few minutes. Remember to keep refreshing this page for the most up to date results.


Francisco Rivera vs. Ruben Duran

Round 1: Duran shoots for the takedown early and gets it, but Francisco goes for the guillotine right away. It’s very tight, but Duran fights out of it. Duran has Rivera against the fence. Rivera goes for the guillotine again as they stand against the cage. Duran seems okay, hitting Rivera with body shots. Duran avoids the submission attempt again and stays on Rivera, they trade shots from the clinch. Duran keeping Rivera pressed against the fence, both men trading shots with equal effectiveness. Duran gets the takedown with just over a minute to go. Duran goes for the guillotine himself, Rivera avoids and gains top position, where he hammers Duran with some big elbows. scores the round 10-10

Round 2: Duran lands first with a nice leg kick. Rivera lands two hard punches, a left and right hand, which stagger Duran. Duran recovers and fires back with a nice, hard combo of his own. Duran lands low with a kick and the action is paused. Rivera takes his time and recovers and they resume the action. Duran runs in for the takedown and Rivera goes for the guillotine once again. Duran fights out and retains top control. Duran takes Rivera’s back with just over thirty seconds to go. Duran locks up the body triangle, but Rivera avoids a submission until the bell. scores the round 10-9 for Duran

Round 3: Rivera whiffs on a front kick. Duran goes to the body but gets hit with a nice leg kick by Rivera. Duran glances with a spinning back kick. Duran gets the takedown easily and lands in side control. Duran looks to establish the mounted crucifix, but Rivera avoids. In the process, Rivera gives up his back and Duran takes the rear naked choke, forcing Rivera to tap.

Ruben Duran defeated Francisco Rivera via submission (rear naked choke) at 1:57 of round 3.

Scott Jorgensen vs. Ken Stone

Round 1: A touch of the gloves gets things started. Stone with a nice inside leg kick. Jorgensen lands a nice straight right and Stone answers with a counter right hand. Jorgensen lands a pair of nice right hands against the Southpaw. Stone landing some nice kicks and using his right hand well on the counters. Good body kick by Stone. Stone knocks Jorgensen off balance with a kick and they clinch against the cage. Stone with some nice knees from the clinch. Stone lands a nice right and a head kick. Stone with a good one-two. Having had enough of Stone on the feet, Jorgensen puts the fight to the mat. Stone going for submissions from his back, but Jorgensen avoiding well. Jorgensen ends it in the blink of an eye with a big shot from the guard. The follow up shots that he lands just put a seal on it.

Scott Jorgensen defeated Ken Stone via KO (ground and pound) at 4:01 of round 1

Clay Harvison vs. Justin Edwards

Round 1: They touch gloves to start it out and Edwards explodes out of the gate with a body kick. Edwards putting the pressure on, bulling Harvison into the cage and landing a sick lateral drop in short order. Harvison gets to his feet and avoids the standing kimura that Edwards looked to apply. Edwards hits another takedown with ease. Harvison gets to his feet again, but Edwards puts him on his back again quickly against the fence. Edwards is looking for the guillotine, but he lets it go. He lands a nice knee as Harvison gets to his feet. Harvison swelling on his forehead. Edwards misses on a takedown attempt, but tags Harvison hard with a left hand. Edwards misses a trip and gets tagged with a few shots, but he halts Harvison’s attack by threatening with a leg lock. Edwards takes top position, but Harvison threatens with an armbar. Harvison sweeps and takes side control, where he lands some nice knees. Harvison goes for a guillotine with ten to go, but Edwards avoids and takes top position again. Action packed first round. scores the round 10-9 for Edwards

Round 2: Edwards looking a little tired for round 1’s onslaught. Harvison landing some nice strikes on the feet, looking fresher than Edwards. Edwards tries and misses on three takedown attempts in a row. Harvison making him pay with knees and elbows. Edwards lands a nice knee. Edwards lands a nice spinning back kick and then goes for the clinch behind a few punches. Harvison turns him into the fence. Harvison lands a nice jab; he’s looking to take advantage of Edwards’ fading state, but he’s looking a little slow himself. The two trade labored strikes. Edwards misses on a spinning heel kick. He keeps trying for the takedown, but just can’t finish. scores the round 10-10

Round 3: They touch gloves to signal the last round. Harvison putting on the pressure with an onslaught of punches that has Edwards on wobbly legs. Harvison gets a takedown of his own. Harvison landing some nice elbows from half guard. Edwards trying to mount offense from his back, but ends up giving up his back briefly. They get to their feet, where Harvison sucks some wind. Edwards lands a punch combo and then a takedown with a little over two minutes to go. Harvison gets to his feet. They clinch and trade knees. Both men tired, Harvison landing some good knees and Edwards landing some nice kicks. Another takedown by Edwards. Edwards takes Harvison’s back with one hook in, falls off, but immediately kicks Harvison away. Edwards gets another takedown and tees off with ground and pound until the bell. scores the round 10-9 for Edwards

Clay Harvison defeated Justin Edwards via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Ryan McGillivray vs. Shamar Bailey

Round 1: Bailey walking McGillivray down early. McGillivray over-commits on a right hand and gets taken down for it. Bailey transitioning back and forth from side control, landing some nice shots in the process. McGillivray gets to his feet by threatening with a D’arce choke from the bottom. Bailey lands some nice knees when they hit their feet. Good left by Bailey. McGillivray avoids a takedown. Bailey turns his back to McGillivray, looking slightly tired. McGillivray goes for a takedown but Bailey reverses and takes side control. McGillivray active from his back, but Bailey lets him up to his feet. McGillivray lands a nice left. Bailey gets a takedown as the round closes. scores the round 10-9 for Bailey

Round 2: McGillivray putting more pressure on with his hands this round, avoiding a takedown fairly easily. Bailey gets a takedown and moves to half guard. McGillivray briefly gives up his back, but uses the position to regain full guard. Bailey backs out of guard and lands a big right hand. Bailey throws McGillivray’s legs aside and moves to side control. Bailey dominating McGillivray in the grappling, avoiding his submission attempts and taking positions almost at will. Bailey lands a hard knee to the body. Bailey just holding position now, not establishing much offense. scores the round 10-9 for Bailey

Round 3: McGillivray lands a nice head kick and follow up knee. He gets taken down but gets back to his feet in short order, where he lands some nice shots. He gets a little overzealous though and Bailey puts him on his back. Again, Bailey not landing many shots, just holding McGillivray down. They get to their feet with just over two and a half to go. McGillivray easily stuffs a takedown and lands a few nice punches. Bailey gets hold of McGillivray and puts him down again. The crowd voices their displeasure with Bailey’s conservative approach. Rogan points out that Bailey is hooking the tape of McGillivray’s glove, an illegal move. McGillivray egging Bailey on from the feet as the round closes, but Bailey just wraps him up again. scores the round 10-9 for Bailey

Shamar Bailey defeated Ryan McGillivray via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Josh Grispi vs. George Roop

Grispi walks out to the Mortal Kombat theme song. Nice.

Round 1: Grispi gets off first with a multi-punch combo, going for the takedown quickly. Roop lands some nice elbows to the body, but Grispi puts him on the mat against the fence. Grispi going for Roop’s left arm. Grispi now threatening with the guillotine. Roop landing again with those hard elbows while Grispi goes for the takedown. Grispi looking to take Roop’s back, but ends up in the mount position. Roop escapes, but Grispi stays on him. Roop landing some nice knees from the clinch. Roop breaks away and lands some nice shots when he does. Grispi comes right at him though, clinching him against the fence. Roop turns him and Grispi pulls guard. Roop lands some nice shots as the round closes. scores the round 10-9 for Grispi

Round 2: Roop lands a nice jab and knocks Grispi to the mat with a strong front kick. He follows him down and goes to work from the guard. Roop presses Grispi against the cage. Roop keeping Grispi a little gun shy on the submission attempts with effective ground and pound. Roop just grinding away at Grispi from on top, Grispi doing very little other than surviving in this round. scores the round 10-8 for Roop

Round 3: Grispi tries to land a high kick, but it’s blocked. Roop moves forward with a nice combination. Grispi goes for and gets the takedown, working to keep Roop on the floor. Grispi gets warned for dropping his mouthpiece twice. Roop gets to his feet, where he hammers Grispi with punches and kicks. Roop drops Grispi with a body shot and Herb Dean calls it, putting Grispi out of his misery.

George Roop defeated Josh Grispi via TKO (strikes) at 3:14 of round 3

Jeremy Stephens vs. Danny Downes

Downes walks out to “The Pogues'” version of “Danny Boy,” a very good choice.

Round 1: Downes lands first with a leg kick, Stephens returns fire and goes for the takedown. Downes avoids. Stephens with a leg kick. They clinch again and trade knees. Stephens lands a few punches with serious heat on them. Stephens slightly getting the better of things on the feet, before he presses Downes into the fence. He can’t get the takedown though and they break. Downes lands a nice inside leg kick. Stephens grabs the clinch and lands a pair of nice knees. Stephens is landing hard punches, but Downes is hanging tough. Downes presses forward with a combo, punctuated by a body kick. Again. scores the round 10-9 for Stephens

Round 2: Stephens lands a leg kick and left hand. Downes presses Stephens into the face and lands an elbow, then Stephens drops for and completes the takedown. Downes goes for the guillotine, but Stephens avoids and goes to work from the top. Downes tries with the up-kicks, but Stephens avoids and lands in side control. Stephens going for the kimura, it’s really deep, but Downes gets out of it. Stephens goes for it again, and Downes avoids again, though he eats a pair of serious elbows. Another elbow lands for Stephens before Downes gets to his feet. He slips on a kick attempt. Downes hits low with a leg kick and Stephens takes a moment to recover. Stephens lands a hard body kick. Stephens with an uppercut-right hand combo that lands square. Good right hand by Downes. Stephens gets another takedown. Downes gets to his feet but eats a knee to the face for it. scores the round 10-9 for Stephens

Round 3: Stephens goes to work right away, hammering Downes with a three-punch combination. Stephens gets the takedown, but Downes gets back to his feet quickly. He pins Stephens into the fence, but Stephens turns him. Downes is bleeding heavily over his left eye. Stephens picks Downes up and runs across the cage with him before slamming him to the mat. Stephens lands a good knee to the head while he gets to his feet. Stephens scores with a few hard punches before taking Downes to the mat again. Another knee lands for Stephens as Downes gets to his feet. They take to the center of the cage, but Stephens puts Downes on his back again. Stephens gets the mount as the round closes, pounding away. He takes Downes’ back and chokes him until the bell, but Downes hangs tough. scores the round 10-9 for Stephens

Jeremy Stephens defeated Danny Downes via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-26, 30-26)


Chuck O’Neil vs. Chris Cope

Round 1: Cope lands first with a double-jab. O’Neil with a nice leg kick. They briefly clinch against the cage, but break shortly after. O’Neil whiffs on a head kick. They trade inside leg kicks. O’Neil with a slapping body kick. Cope lands a hard left hook that backs O’Neil up. Cope moves forward behind another left hook and they clinch against the fence. O’Neil turns him into the cage and then breaks away. O’Neil lands a good leg kick. O’Neil with a good counter right hand. Again Cope gets tagged with a right as he moves in with a combo. Cope goes high with a kick. O’Neil returns fire with a hard body kick. scores the round 10-9 for Cope

Round 2: They trade inside leg kicks, with Cope getting the better of it. Cope dictating the standup; he presses O’Neil into the fence, but O’Neil reverses and they break. Cope misses on a high kick. Cope misses a spinning back kick. Cope not exactly landing bombs, but he’s landing and keeping O’Neil hesitant to pull the trigger. They trade leg kicks again. Cope outclasses O’Neil all the way to the bell. scores the round 10-9 for Cope

Round 3: Cope with a good leg kick to open the round. Cope presses O’Neil into the fence and O’Neil reverses him again, breaking away shortly after. Cope lands a nice left hand. Cope scores with a Superman punch-leg kick combo å la Georges St-Pierre. Cope with a head kick and a spinning heel kick that barely misses. Cope grabs the plum and lands a knee before O’Neil goes for the takedown. Cope avoids. Cope lets out a “Woo!” in the middle of the ring as he starts to pour it on. Spinning back fist lands for Cope. O’Neil apparently content to lay back and let Cope run away with the fight. Cope with a nice right hand that comes over the top. Cope barely misses on a spinning back kick again. scores the round 10-8 for Cope

Chris Cope defeated Chuck O’Neil via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

“C-Murder” to all the doubters: “How do you like me in high definition?”

Kyle Kingsbury vs. Fabio Maldonado

Round 1: Kingsbury lands a hard right hand. Kingsbury gets the plum and lands several unanswered knees before Maldonado backs out. Kingsubry doing well disrupting Maldonado’s offense with stiff jabs. Kingsbury gets the clinch again and looks to have hurt Maldonado with a knee. Kingsbury gets a takedown and Maldonado threatens with a guillotine. Kingsbury rolls out of it and they get back to their feet. Another series of knees lands for Kingsbury. Maldonado lands a good left hook. Again. Kingsbury looks like he may have tired a bit. They trade punches in the center of the cage. Maldonado lands hard again with a left hook. Maldonado avoids the knees from the clinch and lands well to the body of Kingsbury. Kingsbury gets a takedown and lands in half guard, where he looks to work some elbows. Maldonado spins out and works the body as they hit the feet. Kingsbury goes for the clinch and works some knees, slipping to the mat at the bell. scores the round 10-10

Round 2: Kingsbury lands two body kicks in a row. He gets the takedown after ducking a punch, again landing in half guard. Maldonado reverses, but Kingsbury gets to his feet. Maldonado avoids a takedown, but gets kicked in the head afterward. Maldonado makes Kingsbury pay with body shots when he goes for the clinch. Kingsbury lands a pair of good knees. Maldonado dumps Kingsbury to the mat when he fails on a takedown, letting him back to his feet. Maldonado moving in with punches and Kingsbury hits a takedown. Maldonado goes for the guillotine but doesn’t complete it, they get back to their feet. Maldonado bleeding from the nose. Kingsbury avoids a takedown. Maldonado tagging Kingsbury’s body while he goes for the clinch. The two fight from the clinch before breaking. Kingsbury with a good jab, then a body kick. Kingsbury misses on a takedown as the round winds down. scores the round 10-9 for Kingsbury

Round 3: They touch gloves to start the last round. Kingsbury lands a good leg kick and gets tagged with a hook by Maldonado. Kingsbury lands a good kick, but Maldonado is walking him down, landing hard punches. Maldonado is bleeding from his eye. Maldonado egging Kingsbury on, who puts him to the mat with ease. Maldonado right back to his feet though, working the body shots and tagging Kingsbury with a good punch to the face. Kingsbury’s right eye is swelling badly; Maldonado sees it and goes to work attack it with punches. Kingsbury goes for the takedown but Maldonado avoids and looks to land one of his own. He can’t complete it either and goes back to working Kingsbury’s eye. Kingsbury goes for the takedown again and Maldonado reverses, putting Kingsbury on his back. Kingsbury holds Maldonado until the ref stands them up. Kingsbury’s eye is looking an absolute mess. Kingsbury goes for, but can’t complete the takedown. He lands some nice knees from the clinch afterward. Maldonado hits a takedown at the last bell. scores the round 10-9 for Maldonado

Kyle Kingsbury defeated Fabio Maldonado via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Ed Herman vs. Tim Credeur

Round 1: They start trading shots right away, with both men landing some solid punches. Herman drops Credeur with an uppercut and finishes things with a few shots on the ground. It’s over just like that.

Ed Herman defeated Tim Credeur via TKO (strikes) at 0:48 of round 1

Herman explains how elated he is to get a win after nearly two years away from the sport.

Clay Guida vs. Anthony Pettis

Round 1: Guida throwing straight punches, but Pettis avoiding them. Pettis goes high with a kick that clips Guida’s hands. Pettis lands a good leg kick that Guida catches and uses to put him on his back. Pettis working a very active guard, keeping Guida from getting off from the top. Pettis expertly controlling Guida’s wrists and avoiding any damage while on his back. Pettis throws a kick from his back that gives him the space to get to his feet. Guida is right back on him though, taking him down against the fence. Guida throwing shoulder strikes at Pettis against the fence. Pettis throws up the triangle, keeping Guida honest. Guida trying, but having a hard time passing guard. scores the round 10-10

Round 2: Pettis tags Guida with a one-two as he moves in. Guida with a leg kick. Pettis lands again with the one-two. Guida drives for the takedown again and gets it. Guida pressing Pettis into the fence, keeping him from getting to his feet but unable to get off with any offense. Pettis gets to his feet, but Guida stays on him, working the single. Guida throwing knees to the thigh. Pettis breaks and lands a good uppercut-hook combo. Pettis lands a nice head kick. Pettis throws a 360 spinning back kick with the help of the cage. A minute to go and Guida gets the takedown again. Pettis threatens with the triangle, but Guida avoids it. Pettis rolls for the armbar, but the bell rings before he can complete it. scores the round 10-10

Round 3: Both men increasing the frequency of their strikes, Guida lands with a big overhand right. Guida gets the double leg and puts Pettis on his back again. Pettis still very active from his back, rolling for an armbar that Guida avoids. Pettis continually going for the triangle. Guida passes to half guard. Two and a half minutes to go and Guida won’t let Pettis to his feet. Little significant offense is occurring, but Guida is keeping Pettis from doing the same. Pettis gets to his feet, but Guida is leaning on him against the cage. Guida goes for a trip, but Pettis stays on top of him and takes the mount, then his back. He flattens Guida out and lands a big right hand. A minute to go. Guida slips out the back door and takes side control. Guida holding Pettis against the fence with under thirty to go. Guida takes Pettis’ back at the bell. scores the round 10-9 for Guida

Clay Guida defeated Anthony Pettis via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

A bouncing Guida gives props to Pettis for being very tough and pledges to prove that he’s the number one contender.


Ramsey Nijem vs. Tony Ferguson

Round 1: Nijem comes right out of the gate throwing punches, but Ferguson ducks under and takes him down. Ferguson lands a few shots on the ground, ending up in half guard. Nijem fights to his feet, where he looks to take Ferguson down. Ferguson rolls out of it and they hit their feet. Nijem tags Ferguson with several punches before Ferguson initiates the clinch. Ferguson with a nice body kick. Ferguson lands a hard left hand. Again. Ferguson with a nice one-two. Nijem rushes in again with a flurry and Ferguson ends up getting him to the mat, Nijem doesn’t stay there for long though and they’re back on their feet trading shots. Nijem tags Ferguson with a good punch. Nijem lands a nice right. Ferguson knocks Nijem out cold with a left hook. The fight’s over and Ferguson is the new Ultimate Fighter.

Tony Ferguson defeated Ramsey Nijem via KO (punch) at 3:54 of round 1

Ferguson says that he learned a lot about himself during his time in the “TUF” house, he pledges to be a good role model from now on.

That’s it for our coverage of The Ultimate Fighter 13 Finale, thanks for checking it out folks.