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Chael Sonnen Plans To Beat Up Lyoto Machida, Anderson Silva And “Big Nog” In The Same Night

Though embattled UFC middleweight Chael Sonnen is currently being held at the mercy of the California State Athletic Commission, his re-licensing dependent on whether or not they view his recent behavior as being in “promotion of goodwill” and appropriate for a professional cage fighter, he is still poking and prodding away with sensationalist insults aimed toward his peers.

After remaining somewhat quiet during his tumultuous hearings with the CSAC, Sonnen dusted off his pro-wrestling shtick when rival and UFC middleweight champ Anderson Silva called him a “loser in every sense” in an interview with Brazilian newspaper O Globo.

“It’s hard to respond to Anderson,” Sonnen wrote on his Twitter account (the same one of which he once denied ownership). “He’s so effeminate, that nothing you can say to/about him could be worse than what God already dished out.

“He hasn’t put up a fight since Forrest Griffin, which is about as notable as getting your hand held by a stripper,” he continued. “NEXT.”

Apparently ignoring the fact that, since defeating Griffin with ease, Silva has dominated Demian Maia (who tapped Sonnen out), fought back from a four-round deficit to submit Sonnen himself in the fifth and then knocked out Vitor Belfort (whom Sonnen once proclaimed to be “a lot tougher fighter” than Anderson) with a highlight-reel front kick, Sonnen went on to attack other Black House fighters.

“I’d beat up Machida on the way to the ring to beat up Anderson, and I’ll kick Nogeria’s ass in the parking lot on the way to my after party,” he wrote.

Considering the UFC’s stated intent to uphold the CSAC’s indefinite suspension of Sonnen, the ex-realtor from Oregon may only be doing his fighting in parking lots from now on, if he doesn’t find himself in the good graces of the athletic commission when he reapplies for his fighter’s license later this month.