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Clay Guida And Anthony Pettis Discuss “TUF 13 Finale” Bout

UFC lightweights Anthony Pettis and Clay Guida will face off this Saturday night in the co-main event of The Ultimate Fighter 13 Finale.

Both men have stakes on the line, but Pettis — the last WEC lightweight champion — will be fighting to keep his title shot, which has been pushed back twice now by Frankie Edgar and Gray Maynard’s January draw and rubber match-cancelling injuries. Guida, the UFC’s resident Big Lebowski enthusiast and whirling dervish, will be looking to stake his claim to a title shot by making it four in a row and getting a win over the next man on deck for a shot at the title.

Guida and Pettis both appeared on’s official radio show, Pro MMA Radio, recently to discuss the bout.

“You put two exciting fighters together and it’s a knock-’em-down, drag-’em-out type of fight,” said Guida, who owns three Fight of the Night bonuses and two Submission of the Night bonuses. “Everyone talks about Fight of the Night or Fight of the Year but I don’t think about that. That just happens. I just go out there and implement my gameplan which is to go out there, throw caution to the wind and attack this guy from bell to bell. You’ve seen him pressured before and he adapts well to it. We’re gonna come gung-ho. He’s a very technical striker, he’s a kickboxer, he’s got a karate, taekwondo-style background. He’s been working his jiu-jitsu and you’ve seen that with his submissions. He’s been training with some good wrestlers, things like that. I think experience will play a lot in this fight. I’ve had several more fights than him but he’s got a lot of momentum as well. He’s got that WEC lightweight championship, that Fight of the Year and I’ve got experience on my side. I’ve been through the grind, I’ve been through the fire, I’ve been through hell and back in my fights and I think that’ll play a huge part in it.”

In addition to his edge in experience, Guida’s coach Mike Winkeljohn recently indicated that he believes the unrelenting 155’er’s heart will be the one thing that Pettis will be most unprepared to deal with. How does Pettis feel about that?

“I’ve got a left high kick for that,” said the 23-year-old Milwaukee native. “If he gets caught with a left high kick, I don’t care who you are or how much heart you have. If you get rocked in the cage, things change. It doesn’t matter how much will you have to win. If you get hit by the right punch or the right kick, none of that matters.”

Will Guida’s heart and experience carry him to victory, or will Pettis’ youthful inventiveness keep him on the track to a title shot? Check out The Ultimate Fighter 13 Finale this Saturday night on SpikeTV to find out. will also carry live, ongoing coverage of the event, so check back here on the night.