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Shane Carwin: Strategy Has Changed, But Training Camp Remains The Same

Shane Carwin was gearing up to face Jon Olav Einemo this June 11 at UFC 131, but was bumped up on the card to face Junior dos Santos in an ailing Brock Lesnar’s stead.

One would think that going from facing a relatively unknown UFC newcomer in Einemo to going up against the number one UFC heavyweight contender for a possible shot at the title presents a rather significant change for Carwin, but the 36-year-old recently told media on a conference call (props to MMAJunkie) that his training camp has basically remained the same through his opponent change.

“I don’t think the camp’s changed that much,” Carwin said. “Everything is the same. The practices are written out that you’re going in to do. Obviously, my strategy has changed a bit, too. I was going against a Brazilian jiu-jitsu world champ, and was preparing for him taking me down and trying to go to the ground, to dos Santos, who knocks people out. The strategy has changed, but the camp has stayed the same.”

With both men sporting records lined with early and brutal knockouts, evidencing their preference for trading heavy leather, Carwin believes fully that his bout against dos Santos will deliver fireworks.

“Let’s face it, dos Santos and I got to where we’re at by knocking people out on our feet,” Carwin said. “I think we’re both explosive fighters and I think the fans are going to have a real treat come UFC 131 when it comes to that main event knowing that both guys have knockout power in their hands. This is a super exciting time for me. You get very few opportunities like this in life, and I get to go in there and make the most of it.”

UFC 131 goes down on June 11 at the Rogers Arena in Vancouver, British Columbia.