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“The Ultimate Fighter 13″ Episode Ten Recap

Welcome to’s weekly recap of The Ultimate Fighter 13. We’ll be back each week with a breakdown of the episode and a play-by-play of the fights.

This episode opens with Chuck O’Neil getting some food in the kitchen, where a muted Tony Ferguson stands over the sink. Probably hungover and feeling a little foolish, Ferguson feebly asks Chuck, “Where’s Charlie at?” Chuck doesn’t answer him and believes that it’s likely Ferguson has burnt bridges with the rest of the housemates.

Time for the weigh-ins for Chris Cope vs. Ramsey Nijem. Cope hits the mark at 170lbs. and Nijem tips the scales at 170.5lbs.

Back at the house, Ferguson gets the silent treatment from his housemates while he tries to apologize for totally crossing the line. The guy aren’t buying it and won’t let him off the hook so easy. He lets it go at that, saying that he’s fine being alone for the rest of the show.

Now it’s fight time.

Chris Cope vs. Ramsey Nijem

Round 1: They touch gloves to start things off. Nijem goes after Cope in short order, backing him into the cage with punches. Cope fights Nijem off, but dos Santos’ top pick breaks, lights him up with punches and switches his takedown attempt, throwing Cope for a loop. Cope manages to keep on his feet, despite Nijem getting very creative in his takedown attempts, kicking off the cage at one point. They break, but Nijem stays on Cope like glue, tagging him with punches before dropping for the takedown again. Cope hitting Nijem with short punches while he looks for the takedown. Cope makes some distance, though Nijem is still clinging to him, and lands some nice knees to the midsection. Referee Steve Mazzagatti separates them and they take to the center of the cage again. Cope lands a stiff jab that pops Nijem’s head back. He responds with a grazing body shot-right hand combo. Nijem lands a nice front kick. Nijem with a lunging body shot. Cope with a nice inside leg kick. Nijem pushes forward with a three-punch combination right before the bell.

Round 2: Nijem takes control of the center of the cage, but Cope lands first with an inside leg kick. Nijem finally completes a takedown attempt, but Cope doesn’t stay down for long. As Cope hits his feet, Nijem tags him with a body kick. Cope with an inside leg kick. Nijem sticks a jab, then tags Cope with a big overhand right. Another. Nijem gets hold of Cope behind a barrage of punches. Nijem taking it to Cope against the fence, hammering him with punches and knees until Mazzagatti pulls him off.

Ramsey Nijem defeated Chris Cope via TKO (strikes) in round 2

And with that, Stripper Ramsey makes his way into the finals.

Wasting no time, we’re on to the weigh-ins for Ferguson vs. O’Neil. Ferguson makes it at 170lbs. and so does O’Neil.

Tony Ferguson vs. Chuck O’Neil

Round 1: They touch gloves to start the fight. Ferguson lands a good jab but O’Neil counters with two shots. O’Neil lands some nice kicks, before Ferguson sticks him with another jab. O’Neil with a good jab. O’Neil doing well landing punches while Ferguson tries to duck in and land. Ferguson lands a nice left hook. O’Neil lands low with a kick but Ferguson shakes it off. O’Neil landing punches in bunches while Ferguson looks to land one shot at a time. They trade leg kicks. Ferguson drops for an ankle pick that O’Neil shrugs off easily. Ferguson sticks O’neil hard with a jab, then inside leg kick. O’Neil with a nice jab-leg kick of his own. Ferguson showing nice head movement before tagging O’Neil with a multi-punch combo. He catches a leg and dumps O’Neil to the mat, but he gets back to his feet quickly. Ferguson with a left hook. Ferguson lands a hard one-two at the bell.

Round 2: They touch gloves again and O’Neil lands first with an inside leg kick. Ferguson returns, then catches a body kick to run O’Neil into the fence, where he knocks his head back with a hard right hand. Ferguson getting off first and avoiding the brunt of O’Neil’s counters. O’Neil allowing Ferguson to time him, but he throws him off with an inside leg kick. Ferguson lands another pair of hard rights that sting. Ferguson controlling O’Neil’s footwork and landing mostly where he wants to. Good, hard kicks by Ferguison. O’Neil returns fire with his own. Two and a half to go. Ferguson showing much sharper head movement, but O’Neil does land a leg kick and a couple of straight punches. O’Neil is landing, but Ferguson is landing harder. O’Neil is bleeding and his left leg is visibly hurting him. He lands a three punc combo when ferguson gets a little too confident backing him down. Ferguson stalking O’Neil and hammering him with leg kicks and right hands. O’Neil is bleeding heavily from his nose. O’Neil tries a spinning back kick but Ferguson avoids and ends the fight with a punch that knocks O’Neil back, followed by a flying knee.

Round 3: Ferguson lands first in the third with a jab that deflects O’Neil’s uppercut. Charlie Rader screams, “You want this Chuck, you want this!” while Ferguson continues his assault from the last round, backing O’Neil down and taking his heart with hard shots. O’Neil switching to survival mode as Ferguson continues walking him down. O’Neil lands a few nice one-twos. O’Neil is fighting back, but Ferguson is outclassing him and drawing more blood. He drops O’Neil to the mat with a hard right. Ferguson tells O’Neil to get up and there, he continues to make him pay. O’Neil’s corner begging him to throw something and he looks like he just wants out. He crumples to the mat after a body shot and Herb Dean calls the match.

Tony Ferguson defeated Chuck O’Neil via KO (strikes) in round 3

Ferguson might be a mean drunk, but the dude can fight.

Nijem and Ferguson square off in the cage to give a look ahead at the finals bout.

At the end of the show, UFC president Dana White breaks the news (?) that Brock Lesnar has had to pull out of his bout with Junior dos Santos because of a flair-up of diverticulitis and will be replaced by Shane Carwin.

That’s it: Ramsey Nijem vs. Tony Ferguson in the finals, which take place June 4 at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada. The card will also feature an intriguing lightweight contest between Clay Guida and Anthony Pettis.

Check back on on the night for our live, ongoing coverage of the event.