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Video: Rampage Gets Creepy With Female Reporter Again After UFC 130

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson’s streak of creepy interviews with female reporters now stands at three, as Rampage got inappropriate with MMAHeat reporter Karyn Bryant after UFC 130. After Bryant revealed to Rampage that she was Jamaican, white and black, Rampage responded that “she was Jamaican me horny,” and talked about wanting to motorboat her.

Rampage got some heat a couple of years ago when he started dry humping reporter Heather Nichols (link) during an interview. He had also dry humped a Japanese reporter before that (link).

Bryant wrote on her Twitter that she wasn’t offended by Rampage’s actions, and that it was all in good fun.

“Since every1’s asking: if it wasn’t already obv, I wasn’t offended by @Rampage4real at all,” wrote Bryant. “We were clowning around. I thought it was funny! … Plus, he didn’t ACTUALLY motorboat me! Never even touched me… I do have a pretty good right hand in case. Knees aren’t bad either. LOL

“I make no claims 4 othr fem reporters, but I never felt threatened or scared. Just havin fun”

You can decide for yourself and check out the interview below. What do you think? Should Rampage be punished for his actions? Or is it not a big deal, like Bryant suggests? Let us know in the “Comments” section below.