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Dana White Meeting With Roy Nelson To Discuss “Embarassing” UFC 130 Performance

Though UFC president Dana White has since retracted the criticism he levied at former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir last night for his co-main event performance against Roy Nelson, he has issued no such retraction for the similar criticism he aimed at Nelson for his part in the fight.

In addition to suggesting that Nelson should heavily consider a drop to 240-pounds and telling’s Ariel Helwani that “Big Country’s” fat shtick “isn’t funny anymore,” White spoke with and indicated that he has a meeting planned with Nelson to discuss his future plans.

“I thought Roy looked terrible tonight,” White said. “I thought it was terrible. I thought it was embarrassing. I don’t know (what Nelson’s future holds). I have a meeting with him on Friday, and we’ll see what happens.”

As for his own assessment of his performance, Nelson said at the post-fight press conference that his loss was simply the matter of a technical error and a size/strength deficiency.

“I’ve just got to get bigger, stronger, faster,” Nelson said. “I think that was really the only thing. The standup, not so much. I think the only thing that hurt me –- or not even hurt me, but that hit me clean -– was an elbow when I was on my back. It’s really just bigger, stronger, faster. Just go out there and just push the pace. I just got out-wrestled because my mindset was a little bit different. Mine was just hit Frank in his face more than he hit me. I just got out-wrestled.”

Nelson lost to Mir via unanimous decision, making it 0-2 in his last two, since he dropped a unanimous decision to current top contender Junior dos Santos in his previous outing.