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Dana White Supports Sonnen, But Will Back The CSAC’s Suspension

Embattled UFC middleweight Chael Sonnen was likely encouraged to hear his boss, UFC president Dana White, publicly state that his treatment by the California and Nevada State Athletic Commissions has been too harsh.

Unfortunately for Sonnen, White isn’t so sympathetic to his plight that he’s willing to disobey the CSAC’s ruling and allow Sonnen to fight anywhere else while his suspension in California is in effect. White spoke with, to whom he declared his intention to see the CSAC’s ruling upheld.

“We won’t let him fight anywhere,” White said. “We’ll honor that suspension until it’s cleared up. He’s going to have to pay his dues and straighten this stuff out with these guys and then do it, even though I think it’s wrong.”

For what it’s worth, White reiterated his support for Sonnen and openly questioned the harshness with which the CSAC handled the brash Oregonian’s case.

“I think that Chael has paid his dues,” White said. “Can you keep a guy from making a living for having a big mouth? He’s a big mouth. He says dumb [expletive]. He says stuff that doesn’t make sense sometimes, you know? He lives in his own little planet. But I can tell you this: If you go throughout the history of boxing and look at some of the guys that have been licensed in boxing and what they’ve done?”

Sonnen hasn’t appeared in action since UFC 117 last August, when he lost in a title fight via submission to champ Anderson Silva.