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UFC 130: Thiago Alves Vs. Rick Story

The following is from our live coverage of UFC 130: Rampage vs. Hamill. To access our full coverage, click here.

Kim Winslow refs this welterweight match.

Round 1: Story walking Alves down early, but Alves lands first with a short right hand. Story drops for the takedown and gets it against the fence. Alves gets to his feet, but Story is all over him, kneeing him in the thighStory really digging in with knees to Alves’ legs. Alves gets his back off of the cage and takes Story down, but they hit their feet again in short order. Story drops for the takedown quickly, not looking to trade with the Pitbull. Story is staying all over Alves, pressing him into the fence. Winslow breaks them and they take back to the center of the cage. Story lands a body shot. Story lands a few hooks while Alves gets the plum and fires off a knee. From the clinch, Story grabs hold of Alves and presses him into the cage. Story is dictating the pace of this first round, making this fight much tougher for Alves than many thought. Story breaks and fires off a volley of punches that connect, though Alves hangs tough and reverses Story. Story fights back and turns Alves to the fence. Alves breaks and they start to throw down, both men swinging hard punches from the pocket and landing with equal frequency. Big round for Story. scores the round 10-9 for Story

Round 2: Alves lands a trademark vicious leg kick. Alves going to work with some good strikes, but Story grabs him again and bullies him into the fence. There are shades of the Jon Fitch-Thiago Alves fights here. Story dives in off of a kick attempt and gets Alves to his back. Alves gets his own takedown with a trip and moves into half guard. Story sweeps out of it and gets to his feet with Alves pressed into the fence. Story is giving Alves fits on the cage, keeping from establishing any of his vaunted muay Thai offense. Winslow separates them again. Alves gets knocked to his back after throwing a kick and it isn’t long before Story has hold of him again, dragging him to the mat. Alves gets double underhooks and eventually breaks, but can’t get much striking offense going before the bell. scores the round 10-9 for Story

Round 3: Thiago Alves needs to make something drastic happen here in this third round in order to keep from losing. Story is moving in with punches, but Alves pegs him with a good knee on his way in that backs him up. Alves gets Story playing the striking game, but after a brief stall Story goes in for the takedown. Alves fights him off this time. Alves tags Story with a left hook. Story landing nicely with body shots. Story drops for the takedown, but Alves defends this time and they break. Alves lands another good left hook. They trade punches against the cage shortly before Story drops for another takedown, which Alves defends. Alves separates and looks to land on the feet. Alves with a hard right hand and left hand follow up, but Story is walking through it. Alves lands another solid right hand and a knee that has Story looking for the takedown. Thirty seconds to go and they fight against the fence. They break and Alves fires off a head kick. A knee. Alves going to work with knees as the round ends, while Story fires back with punches. scores the round 10-9 for Alves

Rick Story defeated Thiago Alves via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Story tells Joe Rogan that he wanted to prove that he belongs at the top; he did just that.