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UFC 130: Tim Boetsch Vs. Kendall Grove

The following is from our live coverage of UFC 130: Rampage vs. Hamill. To access our full coverage, click here.

Steve Mazzagatti will oversee this bout.

Round 1: Boetsch goes for the takedown early, Grove defends well early at first, but it isn’t long before Boetsch just powers Grove to the mat. Grove kicks him off and they get back to their feet. Boetsch ducks in behind a left hook and gets the clinch, then the takedown in short order. Grove fights for, and gets, guard. Grove rolls for an armbar, but Boetsch throws him off. Boetsch lets Grove to his feet, but goes in the clinch almost immediately. They fight for position on the cage and Grove reverses, threatening with the takedown himself. They continue to battle for position, and separate just at the bell. scores the round 10-9 for Boetsch

Round 2: Grove with a glancing leg kick to start the round. After a few mostly inconsequential striking exchanges, Boetsch goes in for the clinch. Grove turns him into the fence and looks for the plum, working short body shots and knees. Boetsch slams Grove to the mat with ease from off of the fence, landing in half guard. He lands a pair of hard, short elbows. Boetsch passes to side control. Grove gets to his feet but Boetsch puts him on his back again right away. Grove starting to swell around the right eye. Grove trying to roll out from under Boetsch and he does, but the Barbarian stays on him as he eventually gets to his feet. Boetsch drops for the takedown and gets it to the mat easily; his strength clearly an asset in his middleweight debut. Grove tries to land a head kick before the bell, but it misses. scores the round 10-9 for Boetsch

Round 3: Boetsch goes for the takedown early and he drags Grove to the mat. Da Spyder gets back to his feet quickly, but Boetsch stays on him. He reverses, but Boetsch hits a gorgeous trip that puts Grove on his back against the cage. Grove turtles and Boetsch starts in with knees to the body. Grove finally gets upright, but Boetsch hammers him with a knee to the body. Boetsch shoots in again and Grove stuffs it. They’re on their feet, but Grove looks wilted. Boetsch takes him down and Grove goes for the triangle, but Boetsch avoids. Grove shoots for a takedown, Boetsch shucks it off easily. Boetsch gets a takedown against the fence and, with just under two minutes to go, it looks like the Barbarian has made a statement at 185lbs. Grove doing his best to establish offense from his back, but Boetsch just out-powers him. Grove gets to his feet and gets a takedown, but Boetsch isn’t having it for long and backs the Hawaiian up by threatening with a front choke. Ten seconds to go and Grove is turtled against the fence. scores the round 10-9 for Boetsch

Tim Boetsch defeated Kendall Grove via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Boetsch says he’s been thinking about dropping to middleweight for some time and that his loss to Phil Davis just sealed the deal; he’s looking to make a run at 185.