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With Diet And Training In Place, “Best Frank Mir Yet” Can’t Be Stopped

Former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir has always been open-minded about employing new methods in his training and diet in order to become a better fighter and martial artist, which is how he found himself to be a vegan for a full year.

The Las Vegas native followed the strict diet in hopes that it would increase his overall health, but found the results lackluster. After switching to a cleaner diet which includes lean meats, Mir feels stronger and healthier than ever, he recently told

“I got on the scale on Monday at 272 –- muscle weighs a lot,” said Mir. “Going off the vegan diet, I think, helped. There were some good approaches to it that I actually tried to do. … The dieting thing, I think you have to approach as intelligently as you can. First I started as a vegetarian. And for a whole year, I gave it a shot. And it kept my weight down. But honestly, my body fat wasn’t as low -– I got a little bit softer. I was getting injured a lot more. I felt a lack of ‘umph.’ But I was very determined to try and be a healthier person.”

In addition to having new-found confidence in his wrestling ability, Mir told MMAFighting that his strength has also reached personally unprecedented levels. According to the 32-year-old, these things, combined with his pre-existing skill set, form the best Frank Mir the world has seen — one that Roy Nelson should have no shame in losing to on Saturday night.

“If anybody’s going to be on [Nelson’s] case and feels that he has a bad performance on Saturday, they’ve just got to realize that he’s facing the best version of me that ever existed, that I ever thought could exist,” Mir said.

Mir and Nelson face off in the co-main event of UFC 130: Rampage vs. Hamill, which goes down tomorrow night at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Don’t forget to revisit to check out our live, ongoing coverage of the event.