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Dana White: “You Guys Are Playing The Whole GSP-Diaz Thing Way Too Much”

The MMA world was abuzz earlier this week when rumors sprung up that UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre would be making the next defense of his title against Strikeforce champ Nick Diaz this December at UFC 140 in Montreal and, not only that, but that the two would likely be coaching The Ultimate Fighter leading up to their match.

Well, UFC president Dana White put the kibosh on all that talk in short order, explaining in no uncertain terms that the two would not be TUF coaches and would not be fighting at UFC 140. However, he revealed to that GSP vs. Diaz isn’t necessarily off the table, just that any planning for the bout is currently in the infant stage and there simply isn’t much to report on currently.

“I wouldn’t say that Diaz is out of the picture but we just don’t know yet,” White said. “You guys are playing the whole GSP-Diaz thing way too much. Guys that are here right now, texting me all this stuff — it’s crazy.”

White did reiterate that, should GSP and Diaz meet in the cage, it won’t be at UFC 140.

“I think it is a given that [St-Pierre] is not fighting in December in Montreal,” said White. “I don’t know where the hell that came from.”

Many are speculating that, like he has done in the past, White is simply playing this one close to the chest while the details fall into place. Check out MMAWeekly’s video below and see for yourself if you think the bossman is taking everyone for a ride.