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“The Ultimate Fighter 13″ Episode Nine Recap

Welcome to’s weekly recap of The Ultimate Fighter 13. We’ll be back each week with a breakdown of the episode and a play-by-play of the fights.

Episode nine opens up with Zach Davis discussing the confidence boost he feels for having already defeated Chuck O’Neil. He wants to switch things up for their second fight and keep things standing to show what he’s capable of.

Coach dos Santos wants Davis to get O’Neil to the mat and do what he does best, submit him.

O’Neil explains that he plans on giving his win money to teammate Charlie Rader, who is struggling with cash. Coach Lesnar works with O’Neil on counter wrestling and being mean in the clinch: “You don’t have to be pretty. There’s nothing pretty about any of this stuff.”

O’Neil pledges to show his true self, no more “Trash Bag Charlie,” it’s “Cold Steel” now, son.

Zach Davis vs. Chuck O’Neil

Round 1: Davis opens strong with a nice, solid jab. O’Neil fires back with a one-two and starts to tag Davis up as he looks for a way inside. It isn’t long before Davis drops for the takedown after failing in the striking department, but O’Neil keeps him off. Davis changes levels and lands some nice knees from the clinch, against the cage. The two battle for position on the fence, but neither man is giving an inch. Davis with some swelling around the left eye. Referee Steve Mazzagatti separates them and O’Neil goes back to work, landing nice leg kicks and punches in combination. O’Neil lands a hard straight right that looks to have Davis reeling, he gets a little overzealous with the follow up combo, though and gives Davis a chance to grab hold of him. He fights off the takedown but they clinch against the cage. Davis lands a few nice shots as he breaks, but O’Neil returns fire with more volume and Davis goes back for the takedown. When he gives it up O’Neil gets back to battering Davis with punches until the bell.

Davis has a widening cut under his left eye.

Round 2: A touch of gloves starts the second. O’Neil knocks Davis to the ground with a well-placed leg kick in short order, but doesn’t play the ground game for long, following his corner’s advice and letting Davis back to his feet. O’Neil with a nice leg kick which he follows up with a barrage of punches that forces Davis to drop for the double, which he defends. The fall to the mat in Davis’ guard, but O’Neil backs out before too long. O’Neil lands another nice, multi-punch combination before defending another takedown. O’Neil turns him into the fence, but Davis reverses quickly and changes levels for the takedown. Mazzagatti breaks them up after some inactivity ont he fence. Davis’ face looks a battered mass. Davis is completely outclassing Davis on the feet as his corner shouts, “Cold Steel!”

Chuck O’Neil defeated Zach Davis via unanimous decision

A distraught Davis further destroys the doors into the gym on his way out. O’Neil is ecstatic over his win.

With that, we move on to the next fighters on deck. Coach Lesnar works one-on-one with Tony Ferguson and expresses his hope that he’s as good in the gym as he is in the cage, explaining that he’d like to reign in Ferguson’s tendency to get fancy in dominant position.

Back at the house, the guys commend Davis’ heart for walking through the beating. When Davis gets home from the doctor, he reveals that both of his retinas have been torn and that the doctor’s have advised him to no longer fight.


Ryan McGillivray says that he relishes the role of “TUF” house-underdog and intends to prove to everyone that he isn’t the weakest link.

Tony Ferguson vs. Ryan McGillivray

Round 1: A touch of gloves gets things started. Tony lands first with a good jab. An inside leg kick lands hard for Ferguson. He clocks McGillivray with an uppercut as he rushes inside that puts him on his back. Very few follow up shots are needed to make it clear that this one’s over.

Tony Ferguson defeated Ryan McGillivray via KO in round 1

McGillivray is upset at the loss and worries that he’s let his young daughter down. Coach dos Santos does his best to rally the rest of the team around their one remaining competitor, Ramsey Nijem.

Time for the semi-finals match ups, which Dana White calls the “weirdest he’s ever done.”

Ramsey Nijem vs. Chris Cope

A jolly Cope says Nijem is the best, and that he hopes he can pull something out.

And that of course leaves Tony Ferguson vs. Chuck O’Neil. Both men wish they didn’t have to face a teammate, but business is business.

The guys party back at the house, where Ramsey gets nude in short order. After a night of drinking, Ferguson loses it when Charlie Rader pours water on his head and tackles him over the couch and starts to get a little too physical. Ferguson hits below the belt bringing up issues with Rader’s son, who gives up on trying to come the guy down. Most of the housemates express a loss of respect for Ferguson, who acts about as belligerent as someone can.

O’Neil has found the fuel he needs to face his teammate. “I’m gonna take away his dreams.”

Team Lesnar

Tony Ferguson
Chris Cope
Chuck O’Neil
Clay Harvison
Nordin Asrih
Len Bentley
Charlie Rader

Team Dos Santos

Ramsey Nijem
Ryan McGillivray
Zach Davis
Shamar Bailey
Mick Bowman
Justin Edwards
Javier Torres