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Nick Diaz’s Promoter Says He Will Focus On MMA, Bout With GSP “Imminent”?

Nick Diaz’s boxing promoter, Don Chargin, announced this week that the Strikeforce welterweight champion will put his professional boxing aspirations on hold and resume his MMA career.

“Nick is a good kid and a very exciting fighter,” said Chargin. “Right now he has an opportunity of a lifetime as it pertains to his MMA career. While I don’t doubt that Nick and his team were serious about taking the big step into boxing, it only makes sense for him to finish what he started and see how far he can go in MMA before he does anything in boxing. It’s all about timing… we began these discussions over two years ago and nobody would have imagined the type of demand that there currently is for Nick as a mixed martial artist.”

Cesar Gracie, Diaz’s manager, recently stated that his client would abandon his professional boxing plans in order to take a fight against UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre. Gracie noted this week that a transition to boxing doesn’t make sense at this time.

“There are some people that have said we were just posturing to go into professional boxing and they don’t understand that this thing is something we had been working on since 2009,” said Gracie. “It wasn’t just out of nowhere but at this point in time, there’s a certain chance that comes along once in a very long while and it only makes sense to stick to MMA as of right now. Nick’s been working really hard to get to this point in his MMA career and it wouldn’t make sense for us to make that transition into boxing right now. If this were a couple months ago or if certain fights had played out differently, we’d definitely be ready to go into boxing, but that’s not how it played out. Don Chargin is a great boxing promoter and he understood our dilemma completely and I thank him for that.”

Meanwhile, MMAWeekly reports that a scheduled bout between Diaz and St-Pierre is “imminent” and could be announced as soon as next week. The report goes on to note that while things may always change, the fight “is almost a certainty at this point.”

Diaz recently stated that he would much rather fight St-Pierre than the “chumps” that he’s being fed in Strikeforce.

“Yeah, I didn’t know if they’d be talking about (me fighting GSP) or what you know but let me get in there with that guy,” said Diaz during a recent interview with GnP TV. “They had him in there with my partner and look what happened to him, you know what I mean? What do you think is going to happen to him if they put him in there with me? I don’t know, I’d like to start getting paid up here, I’d like to get that fight or I’d like to make something happen here, something different, something big. I’m tired of this same thing over and over again, it’s getting old. This is getting old for me and that’s just how I feel.”

In Diaz’s most recent title defense — which came against British slugger Paul Daley last month — the Stockton kid put on one of the best single-round performances in MMA history, surviving a back-and-forth brawl with the heavy-handed Daley to earn a late TKO victory.