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“The Ultimate Fighter 13″ Episode Eight Recap

Welcome to’s weekly recap of The Ultimate Fighter 13. We’ll be back each week with a breakdown of the episode and a play-by-play of the fights.

The episode opens with Shamar Bailey admitting to Justin Edwards that something is wrong with his back, but he vows not to let it get int he way of “choking [Chris Cope’s] voice box out.”

Coach dos Santos begins one-on-one work with Ramsey Nijem, who is preparing to face Clay Harvison. Dos Santos credits Nijem as being the best wrestler on the team.

UFC president Dana White wakes the guys up early and has them hit the gym, so that he can bring in Brian “All American” Stann to speak with the fighters on behalf of the United States Marine Corps — Stann explains how much discipline and dedication it will take for them to make it to the highest levels of MMA competition and everyone is thankful that he took the time to drop some knowledge on the up-and-coming fighters.

Now Coach Lesnar works with Chris Cope and Clay Harvison on their wrestling, with a focus on Harvison so that he may better deal with Nijem’s grappling-based attack.

A man-panty-clad Nijem and Harvison get ready to hit the scales and they both make weight for their welterweight tilt. In the locker rooms before their bout, Nijem says that “he’s never felt sick like this before a fight,” but pledges to push through it and win no matter what.

Ramsey Nijem vs. Clay Harvison

Round 1: Both men start off throwing, but having a hard time landing strikes. Nijem ducks under a combo from Harvison and takes his back in short order. He flattens Harvison out and forces him to tap from a rear naked choke in under a minute.

Ramsey Nijem defeated Clay Harvison via submission (rear naked choke) in round 1.

With the attention now shifted to Shamar Bailey and his upcoming bout, Coach dos Santos reveals that his charge’s back is feeling better and he is pleased with his performance in pre-fight training.

Coach Lesnar now takes the time to further shore up Chris Cope’s grappling prowess, but doesn’t sound incredibly confident in his fighter. Everyone seems to think Cope will lose, but Dana White isn’t so sure, pegging Bailey as a one-dimensional wrestler.

Now it’s time for Bailey and Cope to tip the scales, and again, both men make their mark.

Shamar Bailey vs. Chris Cope

Round 1: Bailey comes out stalking, but keeps his patience despite his personal feelings for Cope. It isn’t long before Bailey shoots for the takedown, but Cope does well in defending and makes Bailey pay with repeated short punches. Bailey keeps fighting for the takedown but Cope fights him off and they resume the action in the center of the cage. Bailey moves in behind a couple of punches and presses Cope against the cage. Cope still fires off the short punches with a few knees mixed in for good measure. Cope fights off of the cage again and they take to the center again. Bailey again goes for the takedown behind a left hand, but Cope avoids fairly easily and tees off with punches while Bailey fights for the takedown. Bailey drops in again after they break but is still unable to get the fight to the mat.

Round 2: Bailey backs Cope down, but it’s Cope landing the nicer shots by countering. Bailey tries for the takedown after having little success on the feet, but Cope defends and fights his way off of the cage. Bailey again shoots for the takedown and Cope again fights him off, circling back to the center of the cage. Bailey starting to find some success on the feet, but Cope is still countering well and landing when Bailey commits to the shot. Cope turns Bailey into the fence after he shoots for another takedown, but Bailey reverses in short order. Bailey tries again for the takedown with thirty to go and it’s the same story again, Cope defending and stinging him with short punches. Cope turns Bailey into the fence with under ten to go.

Chris Cope defeated Shamar Bailey via majority decision

White is unimpressed, saying that Bailey was trying but couldn’t do anything and that Cope looked afraid to engage. Dos Santos and Bailey protest the decision, Lesnar is obviously pleased with the win.

That’s it for this week folks, check out the team standings below and don’t forget to check back next week for episode nine.

Team Lesnar

Tony Ferguson

Chris Cope
Chuck O’Neil
Clay Harvison
Nordin Asrih
Len Bentley
Charlie Rader

Team Dos Santos

Ryan McGillivray
Ramsey Nijem
Zach Davis
Shamar Bailey
Mick Bowman
Justin Edwards
Javier Torres