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Frankie Edgar: “Eventually I’m Going To Need Surgery”

UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar made the decision to pull out of his UFC 131 rubber match against Gray Maynard with much hesitance, but the severity of his injury makes it clear that to do anything else would have been a mistake.

Suffering from two bulging discs in his back that gave way to a rib injury, Edgar revealed during a recent appearance on’s The MMA Hour that his injury could very likely necessitate an operation, though he plans to do what he can –taking epidural injections for the pain at this point — in order to avoid that option.

“I think eventually I’m going to need surgery,” said Edgar. “Hopefully these shots will slow down the process and give me a couple more years without having to do the surgery.”

Edgar, who has repeatedly lamented having been forced to withdraw from UFC 131, explained that his training camp was going considerably well before the pain became too much to bear and that he is hopeful he will be able to return to full-capacity training in short order as a result of the pain-killing injections.

“Just the rest alone made me feel a little better,” he said. “I think these shots will help me train at the capacity I need to train.”