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Recovered From Eye Injury, Georges St. Pierre Back To Work

According to a recent report made by, the hyphema Georges St-Pierre suffered at UFC 129 has fully healed and he has resumed training.

MMAFighting spoke with the UFC welterweight champion’s jiu-jitsu coach/ophthalmalogist Bruno Fernandes about the eye injury he incurred while fighting Jake Shields in defense of his welterweight title.

“We don’t really measure vision in terms of percentage but he lost field of vision, clarity and depth perception,” Fernandes said. “When you have hyphema, it is like looking through a really dirty window. Your vision is significantly impaired, and it is amazing he was even able to fight with such a degree of impairment.”

St-Pierre defended his title for the sixth time against Shields and continued on his run of dominance over the 170lbs. division, but the French-Canadian has received criticism for his latest performance, as he was unable to put Shields away within the distance.

Fernandes explained the exact effect of the hyphema on St-Pierre’s performance and maintained that “Rush” did exceedingly well in defeating one of the world’s best and most dominant welterweights while essentially working with only one eye.

“Trying to hit a moving target with one eye only is incredibly hard,” he said. “Trying to punch someone moving all the time is very hard. It was really challenging for him to perform under these circumstances. Everything from the left, he couldn’t see coming, and that became clear when you saw any attacks from the left were landing. That’s not common to see when he fights.”