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Video: Drama Breaks Out At Fighter Summit Between Mitrione, Ortiz

If you aren’t familiar with Matt “Meathead” Mitrione’s Mitrione Minute segment on’s The MMA Hour, do yourself a favor and check it out.

Mitrione has made it a theme to poke fun at former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz during this segment, a recent edition of which paved the way for an altercation the two had at this week’s Zuffa-held fighter summit.

Mitrione made the following joke in regards to Ortiz and his wife, former porn star Jenna Jameson: “I think it’s awesome… awesome that the UFC is finally doing this. I think that it’s a great promotion that they’re finally letting women fight for their man’s honor. I think that’s a great thing. We all know that Tito’s gonna give some type of excuse and back out, so Jenna’s gonna have to step in and fight [Ryan] Bader for Tito’s honor. Bader, be really careful because it’s a trap fight. We all know that she’s awesome off her back and she’s got phenomenal top control, but remember that she doesn’t choke easily.”

Check out the video below of the Mitrione Minute where “Meathead” makes his pointed joke (props to CagePotato) and the following video, taken by Roy Nelson, of Mitrione and Ortiz getting into it at the fighter’s summit.