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“The Ultimate Fighter 13″ Episode Seven Recap

Welcome to’s weekly recap of The Ultimate Fighter 13. We’ll be back each week with a breakdown of the episode and a play-by-play of the fights.

Len Bentley expresses his confusion over not getting one of the wild card spots to UFC pres Dana White, who asks him where his enthusiasm was during the wild card interviews.

Coach Brock echoes White’s tough love attitude, “If these other guys want to feel sorry for themselves because they didn’t get their wild card shot — tough sh*t, that’s life.”

Back at the house, Bentley continues to voice his complaints over the wild card selections, to the growing annoyance of his housemates. Bentley learns that Lesnar told White about his knee injury — courtesy a trouble-starting Ryan McGilivray — and pledges to “fight that big motherf**ker.”

Team Dos Santos works with their wild card fighter, Javier Torres.

And here comes the drama: Bentley prepares to let Coach Lesnar know how he feels. He asks him why he didn’t get the spot and Lesnar explains that it’s because of his knee injury — Bentley decides to let things go.

Lesnar is questioning Chuck O’Neil’s desire to fight and openly expresses regret at picking him for the wild card spot. Lesnar feels more comfortable after working one-on-one with O’Neil and seeing him take things seriously.

After a little in-house drama between Shamar Bailey and Chris Cope is exploited, we move on to the coaches challenge, where Lesnar and dos Santos will face off in a football competition. Good luck, Junior.

Coach dos Santos takes the lead at the field goal test and holds on to it all the way to the end zone, earning his team $10,000. Dos Santos splits the money with everyone, giving the other team’s fighters and coaches (except for Brock) a hundred or so each.

Coach Lesnar says with a laugh, “I think we both sucked, he just got luckier than I did.”

Now the fighters hit the scales: 170lbs. for Torres and 170lbs. for O’Neil.

One slightly awkward, underwear-clad staredown later and the fighters are in the gym getting ready to scrap.

Chuck O’Neil vs. Javier Torres

Round 1: They touch gloves to start it. Torres lands a straight kick that Chuck answers by launching a head kick. Torres smacks his jaw and smiles. O’Neil moves in behind a barrage of punches and presses Torres into the fence. Torres reverses and lands some knees while O’Neil’s back is to the fence. They battle back and forth for position on the cage. They both land punches on the break. O’Neil gets stung with a punch before Torres closes the distance again. O’Neil tries a trip but Torres keeps his feet under him. They trade knees from the clinch. Torres lands low and the action is briefly halted. O’Neil whiffs on a few big kick attempts. Torres lands with a kick to the body, O’Neil returns with the same. O’Neil lands a few nice counters while Torres tries to move in. O’Neil lands a three-punch combo as Torres presses forward. O’Neil turns him to the fence and works for the takedown, which he cannot get. He lands a knee as Torres breaks free though. Now it’s Torres looking for the takedown, though he gives it up with twenty to go. O’Neill lands a few more good strikes as Torres moves in to close the round. scores the round 10-10

Round 2: They touch up again to start the second. O’Neil fires off a big right straight and follows with a kick. Another straight lands for O’Neil before Torres returns fire. O’Neil is holding the center of the cage, but Torres backs him to the fence and takes him down. Torres briefly takes O’Neil’s back before he gets to his feet and takes Torres down. O’Neil looks to work the kimura while he throws short punches to Torres’ ribs. O’Neil loses the hold but retains top position and eventually gets mount. Torres fights well from his back, keeping O’Neill from mounting fight-ending offense. Torres tries to get to his feet and O’Neill sinks the D’arce choke when he does, forcing him to tap moments later.

Chuck O’Neil defeated Javier Torres via submission (D’arce choke) in round 2.

Dana White comes in to announce the quarterfinal matches, which are:

Clay Harvison vs. Ramsey Nijem
Chris Cope vs. Shamar Bailey
Chuck O’Neil vs. Zach Davis
Tony Ferguson vs. Ryan McGilivray

That’s it for this week, check out the team standings below with Team Dos Santos and Team Lesnar dead even heading into the quarterfinals.

Team Lesnar

Tony Ferguson
Clay Harvison
Chris Cope
Chuck O’Neil
Nordin Asrih
Len Bentley
Charlie Rader

Team Dos Santos

Shamar Bailey
Ryan McGillivray
Ramsey Nijem
Zach Davis
Mick Bowman
Justin Edwards
Javier Torres