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Cain Velasquez On Facing Lesnar-Dos Santos Winner: “I Want To Fight The Better Guy”

UFC heavyweight champ Cain Velasquez has been out of action since first capturing the title last October by taking out Brock Lesnar via emphatic first round TKO.

The American Kickboxing Academy-trained fighter injured his shoulder in the bout, was forced to undergo surgery as a result and has been out recovering since. That doesn’t mean that the heavyweight title picture has completely stagnated though, as Junior dos Santos and Brock Lesnar are currently on a collision course to determine Velasquez’s next challenger.

During a recent appearance on Fight Day, Velasquez discussed the prospect of facing either Lesnar or dos Santos.

“To me, I always think of it as: I want to fight the better guy. So, whoever the better guy is that night, that’s who I want to fight,” said Velasquez when asked if he would rather face dos Santos as opposed to Lesnar for a second time.

Should Velasquez end up facing dos Santos, he explained that he has no plans on avoiding the Brazilian’s heavy-handed, boxing-centric offense.

“You have to,” he said when asked if he would strike with “Cigano.” “It’s not just, guy’s having one strong style and using that style the whole time in this sport. You have to be well-rounded. If I fight Junior dos Santos, I have to stand up with him. The thing is I have to throw a lot more punches and kicks mixed together. It can’t just be a boxing match, I need to mix it well together. If the takedown is there, then take it, but if it’s not there, you don’t make stupid mistakes by trying to take a shot when it’s not there, that’s when people get in trouble. I have to play the stand up game with him.”

Lesnad and dos Santos are scheduled to face off this June 11 at UFC 131, while Velasquez is tentatively targeting a fall 2011 return to action.