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Georges St-Pierre Suffered Hyphema At UFC 129, Recovering Well

UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre successfully defended his title late last month against Jake Shields, but retaining his belt didn’t come easily.

Shields, known primarily for his grappling acumen, hung tough when he found he was unable to get St-Pierre to the mat and tried to establish some offense standing. Displaying improved striking, Shields managed to do some damage to the dominant French-Canadian, forcing him to dig deeper than usual to pull out the win.

Fairly early on in the five round fight, one of Shields’ strikes ended up poking St-Pierre in the eye, causing blood to gather in his left eye’s anterior chamber — a condition known as hyphema. The pooling of blood at the front of the eye often results in impaired or completely blocked vision, but is usually not a serious or lasting injury. “Rush” posted his diagnosis and prognosis to his Twitter page, telling his fans to rest assured that he will return to action at one hundred percent.

“My medical condition is called Hyphema,” posted St-Pierre. “My vision is still blurry and my eye sensitive but the blood in my eye has now been absorbed…”

With treatment of the injury being generally non-invasive — usually consisting of rest and protection of the eye to avoid further irritation/bleeding — St-Pierre expects to make a full recovery.

He wrote, “My retina is [fine] as well and my vision will come back to 100%!!! Can’t be more happy!!”

The hard-fought victory over Shields marked St. Pierre’s sixth consecutive welterweight title defense.