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“The Ultimate Fighter 13″ Episode Six Recap

Welcome to’s weekly recap of The Ultimate Fighter 13. We’ll be back each week with a breakdown of the episode and a play-by-play of the fights.

This episode will feature two fights and the announcement of the wild card bout. And probably some unnecessary drama.

The show opens with dos Santos doing his best to keep his team’s spirits up, but he butts heads with assistant coach Lew Polley, who contradicts his advice immediately as he makes it. Dos Santos tells him, “I think we need to talk.”

With that, the show cuts to Team Lesnar’s training session, where Coach Lesnar tells Len Bentley to get ready, because he’s the likely pick for the wild card. Perhaps due to the universe’s sense of irony, Bentley goes down screaming and clutching his knee in the middle of the Octagon during training, his future in the competition now uncertain.

Bentley meets teammate Clay Harvison — who broke his hand in a victorious effort against Mick Bowman in last episode’s fight — in the hospital, where he learns that he likely didn’t injure his knee too badly.

Dos Santos is distressed by Polley’s continued attempts to supersede his authority and takes him aside for a chat. Coach dos Santos has apparently had enough and, at the advice of his coach Luis Dorea, dos Santos asks Polley to go home.

Both Bentley and Harvison return to the gym and tell Coach Lesnar that their injuries were both dislocations — Harvison of his finger and Bentley of his patella — and not very serious.

Time for the fight announcements and Team Lesnar has control. Lesnar chooses Tony Ferguson and “Randy Couture’s long-lost son” Justin Edwards; the second bout Lesnar chooses is Chuck O’Neil vs. “Gary Busey, Jr.” Zach Davis.

Lesnar thinks Ferguson, who has shown superior dedication, could be the guy to take the show. Edwards believes the fact that he came in as a late replacement for Keon Caldwell will have Team Lesnar underestimating him.

The guys on Team dos Santos are unsure how things will go now that Polley is gone; they appreciated his advice and his English-speaking ability.

It’s time for the first fight.

Tony Ferguson vs. Justin Edwards

Round 1: A touch of gloves gets us started. Edwards moces in early with big punches, while Ferguson looks to keep him away with a stiff jab. Edwards doing well striking against his longer opponent, landing hooks repeatedly. Lesnar thinks Edwards “blew his wad,” and he does look to have slowed a bit. Ferguson lands a nice three-punch combo before Edwards takes him down. Ferguson gets to his feet, where Edwards nails him with a right hand. Ferguson fires off a heavy one-two, but Edwards stays in the pocket and fights right back. Edwards gets a takedown after landing a multiple-punch combination. Ferguson fires elbows from off of his back. Edwards tries to stand over him and land ground and pound, but Ferguson knocks him out cold with an up kick before sealing the deal with some quick ground and pound, prompting an exclamation of “Holy sh*t!” from Dana White.

Tony Ferguson defeated Justin Edwards via KO (up kick) in round 1.

Ferguson earns the win on his birthday. Edwards is understandably bummed, but takes comfort in the praise White offered him for his efforts.

Now, it’s time for O’Neill and Davis to get geared up for their bout, which they do sans incident.

Chuck O’Neil vs. Zach Davis

Round 1: Davis immediately goes for and gets the takedown. O’Neil gets to his feet but Davis stays on him and looks to work some knees against the fence. They battle for position ont he fence and Davis does well in staying on O’Neil and driving knees into his midsection. Davis gets O’Neil back to the mat. Davis backs off to land ground and pound and, predictably, O’Neil’s teammates and corner yell for the up kick. They get their feet, where O’Neil works Davis to the mat by threatening with a kimura. O’Neil lands some nice shots on the ground from Davis’ guard. Davis throws up the triangle and forces O’Neil to tap quickly.

Zach Davis defeated Chuck O’Neil via submission (triangle choke) in round 1.

This is another fight that Dana White is very impressed by, but O’Neil takes little solace in his praise.

The two coaches meet to decide the wild card match up. White brings in Justin Edwards, tells him they chose him for the wild card spot but that he will not be able to compete since the NSAC has suspended him for ninety days.

White interviews the other eligible fighters and is unimpressed by how much the guys express they want the spot, but is impressed by how dos Santos and Lesnar work together to help choose the wild card.

And the wild card match up will be: Javier Torres vs. Chuck O’Neil.

“I’m just — honestly, I’m confused,” says Len Bentley.

The new team standings look like this:

Team Lesnar

Tony Ferguson
Clay Harvison
Chris Cope
*Chuck O’Neil – defeated by Zach Davis in episode 6 via submission
Nordin Asrih – defeated by Shamar Bailey in episode 1 via unanimous decision
Len Bentley – defeated by Ryan McGillivray in episode 3 via majority decision
Charlie Rader – defeated by Ramsey Nijem in episode 4 via submission (rear naked choke)

Team Dos Santos

Shamar Bailey
Ryan McGillivray
Ramsey Nijem
Zach Davis
Mick Bowman – defeated by Clay Harvison in episode 5 via unanimous decision
Justin Edwards – defeated by Tony Ferguson in episode 6 via knockout
*Javier Torres – defeated by Chris Cope in episode 2 via unanimous decision

*O’Neil and Torres have been chosen to fight in the wild card spot.

That’s it for this week folks, check back next week for our continued coverage of The Ultimate Fighter 13.