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Jon Jones On Being A “Swagger Jacker,” Hoping To Mend Fences With Rashad Evans

The current toast of the MMA world, 23-year-old UFC light heavyweight champ Jonny “Bones” Jones is close to it, but isn’t quite universally loved.

His former training partner, Rashad Evans, has plenty negative to say about Jones — much of it stemming from the controversy that erupted when Jones made mention of his willingness to fight Evans for the title. The two have gone back and forth on Twitter, trading verbal jabs. Recently, Evans called Jones out for being a “swagger jacker,” and it wasn’t long before picture evidence hit the internet.

During the recent “Super 7″ gathering, where all seven UFC champs fielded questions delivered by UFC commentator Joe Rogan, Jones addressed Evans’ accusations and listed his hopes for their continued relationship once they finally get in the cage and settle things.

“Swagger is what makes you sexy, it’s what makes you, you,” said Jones. “So we have this stylist whenever there’s really big events going on and they want us to look good, look our best. I think I was sent to the same exact stylist, and I ended up wearing the same shirt, the same suit and the same tie that Rashad wore like a year earlier. So I show up at Jay Leno with this suit on and he sees the suit and he’s like, ‘Oh, you’re copying my style.’ It was totally not intentional, but a little embarrassing.”

Though Jones vs. Evans has been postponed due to a nagging hand injury that the champ is addressing, Jones still expects to face his former training partner down the line and hopes that they can put their differences aside when all is said and done.

“It’s definitely going to be huge for the sport, teammates fighting each other. You know Rashad, we were friends and hopefully we can be friends after the fight,” he said. “It’s just business. Like if the Patriots had a friend on the Jets it’s not like they can’t play each other in the Super Bowl. You’ve just got to get the job done.”