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Dana White To Randy Couture: “We’ll Get You A New Tooth”

Though Randy Couture fought his last fight last weekend at UFC 129, losing via knockout to Lyoto Machida, “The Natural” retained his sense of humor during the otherwise emotional moment.

Couture was taken out spectacularly, with a Crane kick knockout delivered by the Brazilian that was straight out of The Karate Kid — minus the whole hands-over-the-head thing. The fight-ending strike will no doubt live on in the memories of fans for it’s significance in signaling the end for Couture and for the sheer technical brilliance of the move.

Couture will no doubt retain a lasting memory of the strike as well, and not just because it was the last he took in his professional career. The UFC Hall of Famer left the Octagon that night less one tooth courtesy Machida’s flashy kick and UFC president Dana White recounted the moment that it happened during the post-fight presser.

“He thought he got hit with a punch,” said White of his interaction with a dazed Couture immediately following the knockout. “I got up into the Octagon to talk with him and I said ‘You all right?’ and he says ‘Yeah, he hit me in the tooth.’ And his tooth fell out while he was showing me! I said ‘That’s all right, we’ll get you a new one — a better one than that — when we get back to Vegas.’

“I tried to catch it, but [Couture] got it, thank God.”