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Jon Fitch Says Both He And GSP Have Earned Criticism For Decision-Heavy Performances

Jon Fitch is widely regarded as being one of the top welterweight — and pound-for-pound — fighters in the world and, with a record of 23-3-1 against top competition, it’s not hard to see why. Still, much like UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre, his dominance has not been enough to save him from criticism.

Fitch hasn’t finished a fight since mid-2007 and St-Pierre has fought to decision in his last four title defenses, though those stats alone don’t draw criticism. The sheer dominance both men display in the cage belies the fact that they face the stiffest competition in the sport; still, many people see that dominance displayed over the duration of a bout and wonder what’s stopping them from putting opponents away.

The subject is fresh in the minds of those paying attention to the MMA world, as St-Pierre recently repelled Jake Shields’ efforts to steal his belt, but did so via unanimous decision in a fight that will likely not be making it on his highlight reel.

Jon Fitch recently appeared on The MMA Hour, where he discussed the subject with host Ariel Helwani. Coming from a sympathetic position, does Fitch believe St-Pierre’s criticism is deserved?

“A little bit,” said Fitch. “I think, you know, I deserve some of that criticism too. But when he’s dominating somebody that well, I think it’s up to the champ to put a little more pressure on somebody in the fourth and fifth round. When you’ve secured a pretty solid lead on the scorecards after three rounds, I think a little bit more pressure, because he never really opened up more than a couple jabs and an overhand right. I mean, double up on the right, something.”