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UFC 129: Randy Couture Vs. Lyoto Machida

The following is from our live coverage of UFC 129: St-Pierre vs. Shields. To access our full coverage, click here.

Machida enters the arena first, to a dramatic entrance which celebrates his Japanese heritage before launching into a Linkin Park jam — he looks fired up. And there’s Steven Seagal again, wishing Machida luck. Look out for the deadly stuff, Randy.

They’ve really upped the game on the entrances for this fight. An American flag waves on the big screen as Couture walks out to “Lunatic Fringe,” by Red Rider, looking relaxed.

This battle between former champion will be overseen by Yves Lavigne.

Round 1: Machida takes to the center of the cage early on, with Couture moving well on the outside. Couture tries moving in behind a right hand. Machida lands a right hand as Couture tries to move in. Couture lands a right hand behind a takedown attempt. Couture lands a big left hook. So far, Couture is looking to get inside behind strikes and Machida is looking to land from the outside, both are having varying degrees of success. Couture with a nice shot to the body. Machida returns fire. Both men respecting the other and showing patience. Machida lands a knee and Couture does his best to keep ahold of the Brazilian, but is unable. Couture fails on another takedown but lands a few punches before trying to get the clinch again. Machida breaks free and lands a body kick. Machida with another lunging knee to the body. scores the round 10-9 for Machida

Round 2: Machida tags Couture with a few punches that have him on the mat briefly. Couture having trouble getting ahold of “The Dragon.” Machida knocks Couture out cold with a flying front kick reminiscent of the Karate Kid’s crane kick.

Looks like more people need to start training with Seagal..

A great display of respect is shown between the two men.

Lyoto Machida defeated Randy Couture via KO (front kick) at 1:05 of round 2.

Machida credits his dad and Steven Seagal and gets emotional while praising Couture and his legend.

Couture, less part of a tooth, tells Joe Rogan, “No, you’re not gonna see me again. This is it.”

And the crowd takes him out with a roar of applause.