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Twitter Drama Alert: Jenna Jameson And Dana White Trade Barbs

The UFC recently released a video parody of Chuck Liddell serving in his position as executive vice president of business development. The video contained several MMA-themed inside jokes, some of which were in reference to Liddell’s long-running feud with Tito Ortiz.

Having displayed previously his ability to effectively navigate the internet, Ortiz got a look at the video and then hit up Twitter to shoot off the obligatory verbal jab in “The Iceman’s” direction.

“Funny video by @danawhite but horrible acting by @chuckliddell. Nice to see to I’m still relevant to them and the @ufc,” wrote the former champ.

As is typical of White’s ball-breaking style, he sent a brief retort back to “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy.”

“@titoortiz bro u r the last guy on earth that should be raggin on peoples acting skills,” posted the UFC boss.

In steps Jenna Jameson, the other half of MMA’s most dysfunctional couple, to stand up for her man after she perceived that he had been disrespected.

“@danawhite your the last guy in the world that should be ragging on Tito not being liked. Um, you pay him a fortune,” wrote the former pornographic actress.

Never one to be outdone, White put Jameson in her place and implored Ortiz to keep her there: “@jennajameson hey jenna SHUT THE FUCK UP and mind ur biz! @titoortiz put her on a fuckin leash!”

And then, just so things go smooth at the next company picnic, White explained to Ortiz the point of the video, writing, “@titoortiz and the video was meant to play up the shit between u and chuck it was not a dig toward u at all.”

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