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Lorenzo Fertitta Preparing To Mediate Henderson – Emelianenko Negotiations

Alright, so “business as usual” hasn’t really been the case in the wake of Zuffa/Forza’s purchase of the Strikeforce promotion. While not exactly overt in all cases, UFC president Dana White and his team have been more and more involved with Strikeforce dealings with each passing week.

Case in point: currently, former UFC star Dan Henderson and White’s white whale Fedor Emelianenko are having trouble coming to terms for their proposed fight and White is gearing up to send in his business partner, Zuffa CEO Lorenzo Fertitta, to see if he can sort things out.

“Lorenzo’s in it; Lorenzo’s in it right now,” White recently told of the Hendo-Fedor situation. “He’s working on it. Me getting anywhere near that thing, you’ll never see that fight.”

Though White has cultivated more than a few enemies on the Strikeforce side of things, he explained that these strained relationships won’t impact business, as he is able to have Fertitta, UFC matchmaker Joe Silva, or someone else handle business dealings where his own presence might be obstructing.

“The great thing about this company and the way we do things, there’s a lot of people I butt heads with or whatever, Lorenzo can handle it, I can handle stuff, Joe Silva handles stuff, there’s a lot of people,” he said. “We don’t have to be friends for you to fight in the UFC. We don’t have to get along. It’s business.”