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“The Ultimate Fighter 13″ Episode Five Recap

Welcome to’s weekly recap of The Ultimate Fighter 13. We’ll be back each week with a breakdown of the episode and a play-by-play of the fights.

Things start back in the locker room, where Lesnar’s ass chewing continues. However, most of the guys (with strong exception for Len Bentley) take it in stride and Lesnar doesn’t leave himself out, referencing his own beatdown at the hands of Cain Velasquez in his attempt to open up his team’s eyes and get them motivated for the rest of the show.

He leaves them with the words: “When you guys step in that Octagon, it’s kill or be killed. Kill or be killed.

The teams gather in the gym for the fight announcement, which is Team dos Santos’ hands. They choose to pit their own Mick Bowman against Team Lesnar’s Clay Harvison.

Dos Santos is taking issue again with Lew Polley’s steering of the training sessions, namely that he is branching out beyond his area of expertise — wrestling — to teach the guys stand up as well.

Cut to a pared down training session with dos Santos and Mick Bowman, who says of the fight: “I’m going to smash him through the mat. I’ll break him first before I break, I guarantee that.”

Now it’s Harvison in the cage alone with his coaches, working on his stand up skills. He knows that Bowman is a tough kid, but plans on using a few of his favorite tricks to put him away. It isn’t long before Chris Cope is seen observing Harvison’s one-on-one training session with Erik Paulson, raising a flag for Harvison, who pegs him for a “narc.”

Back at the house, it’s discovered that someone has written “Chris Cope, Double Agent” in the indoor sand pit/zen garden. The rest of Team Lesnar denies having written it, while Cope denies relaying any information to the other team. Later, around the fire, Cope brings up the issue directly to his team, asking them what they have to say and then doing his best to assure them that he isn’t trading secrets with the other team.

Team Lesnar’s guys convene without Cope to try and figure out who from Team Dos Santos wrote the message and why, and none of them seem to be buying Cope’s assurances. Cope walks into the room, is greeted by a teammate mooning him and then accuses Tony Ferguson of writing the message, who gets very offended at the accusation. Tempers cool, but nothing is really settled.

And the secret’s out! Mick Bowman wrote the message in the sand as a joke, because Cope is always hanging around in the kitchen “like a bad smell” and listening to his teammates’ conversations.

Mick Bowman vs. Clay Harvison

Round 1: A touch of gloves and then a right hand lands for Harvison. Harvison with a one-two. Harvison lands a slick one-two up the middle and it isn’t long befre Bowman tries for a takedown. He fails and falls to his back, Harvison stands over him and rains down blows through his attempted upkicks. Harvison presses Bowman against the cage and avoids an armbar attempt before following his corner’s advice and letting him up. Harvison puts Bowman on his heels with a one-two and continues to apply the pressure with half the round down, pressing Bowman against the cage. Bowman wings an overhand right. A jab lands for Bowman and Harvison returns the favor with a right straight, before bullying Bowman back to the cage. Bowman reverses briefly but Harvison isn’t having it for long. Bowman starting to establish a bit of a rhythm, keeping Harvison at bay with leg kicks and good jabs. They trade kicks and Harvison avoids a takedown at the bell. scores the round 10-9 for Harvison

Round 2: They touch gloves again and Harvison backs Bowman up immediately with a punch combination. Bowman is less hesitant to fire back this time though and they scrap it out before hitting the cage, with Bowman’s back on the fence. Bowman finds his way off the cage and lands an elbow as he breaks away. A nice right hook lands for Harvison. Bowman lands with three jabs in a row. He knocks Harvison off balance with an inside leg kick. Harvison lands a nice leg kick of his own. Bowman has found trouble throughout the fight for moving straight back as Harvison comes forward rather than angling off to the sides. Bowman launching some solid offense, but it’s hard to give either man a decided edge so far. Bowman shoots for the takedown with under a minute to go and Harvison avoids, turning Bowman onto the fence. Harvison lands an elbow at the bell. scores the round 10-10

Clay Harvison defeated Mick Bowman via unanimous decision

The last round could’ve been scored for Harvison and it wouldn’t have been a crime.

Dos Santos does his best to console Bowman, who is rightfully torn up after the fight. The mood in Lesnar’s locker room is jovial, but Harvison is concerned that he broke his pinky finger — and in fact the bone has protruded through the skin. Dana White says quickly that a compound fracture will likely force Harvison out of the competition.

The new team standings look like this:

Team Lesnar

Tony Ferguson
Clay Harvison
Chris Cope
Chuck O’Neil
Nordin Asrih – defeated by Shamar Bailey in episode 1 via unanimous decision
Len Bentley – defeated by Ryan McGillivray in episode 3 via majority decision
Charlie Rader – defeated by Ramsey Nijem in episode 4 via submission (rear naked choke)

Team Dos Santos

Shamar Bailey
Ryan McGillivray
Ramsey Nijem
Zach Davis
Mick Bowman – defeated by Clay Harvison in episode 5 via unanimous decision
Justin Edwards
Javier Torres – defeated by Chris Cope in episode 2 via unanimous decision

That’s it for this week folks, check back next week for our continued coverage of The Ultimate Fighter 13.