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Frankie Edgar Wants To See Silva Vs. St. Pierre As Much As Any MMA Fan

UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar is one of the world’s best fighters in any weight class, but he counts himself as a fan just as much as the world’s best lightweight.

As a fan, Edgar recently told that he, like most every other MMA fan, is excited by the prospect of his friend and training partner Georges St. Pierre stepping up to take on UFC middleweight kingpin Anderson Silva.

“I mean, there’s always gonna be someone new coming up to challenge you, but right now he has cleaned up the welterweight division almost twice (laughs). So, it’s gonna be tough for him to get some challenges, but I’m sure there’ll be kids coming up, you know. As a fan, yeah. I would love to see him fighting Anderson Silva,” said Edgar. “As a teammate and friend, it’s up to him. … I think his best bet is getting him to the ground, and for Anderson is standing up. But I think Georges is more dynamic than most of the guys Anderson has fought, but as I said: Anderson has (been) running through everybody. So, as a fan, that’s a fight I’d love to see.”

Before St. Pierre and Silva can fulfill MMA fans’ dreams by facing off in the cage, St. Pierre must at least get past Jake Shields this weekend and Silva must defeat Yushin Okami in a rematch this summer at UFC: Rio.

In regards to Edgar, he will again put his lightweight title on the line against Gray Maynard in a continuance of what is shaping up to be an epic trilogy this May 28 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.