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Jon Fitch Thinks BJ Penn Rematch Only Makes Sense

Jon Fitch and BJ Penn fought for a hard three rounds this past February and, in the end, the fight was ruled a draw. The two were scheduled to fight in a direct rematch this summer at UFC 132, but both men eventually withdrew from the card with shoulder injuries.

As Fitch prepares for surgery and Penn rehabs his own injury, the two are looking at a similar timetable for their respective returns to action. As such, Fitch believes that the two should finish their business with each other before moving on to other fights.

“It’s the best fight for each of us,” Fitch told recently. “I think it would be dumb for either of us to take a fight with anybody else but each other before we settle it. Either me or B.J. would love to just fight the winner of Jake (Shields) and [Georges St-Pierre]. But I think it’s realistic that if Jake wins that fight, that there will be a rematch. And if GSP wins that fight, he only fights a couple times a year. So he’ll probably take a break, and there will be time for [Penn and me] to fight. If GSP moves up to fight Anderson (Silva), there’s still time for him to do that and me and B.J. to fight.

“There’s a lot of options. I hope it works out favorably for me. But I can’t ask the world to stop turning just because I have an injury.”

Fitch doesn’t hold back though when asked how the prospect of sitting on the shelf for much — if not the entirety — of this year makes him feel.

“It’s really depressing,” he said. “My most favorite thing in the world to do every day with my life, I don’t get to do now for a few months.”

Fitch and Penn fought on Feburary 27 at UFC 127, which went down in Sydney, Australia.