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Surprise! Brock Lesnar Makes A Ton Of Loot And Dan Hardy Wants A Piece

In news that is sure to have more than a few MMA fighters’ blood boiling — but should come as a surprise to no one — former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar topped ESPN’s recently compiled list of the highest paid athletes competing in mixed martial arts with an estimated earning of some $5.3 million from his prize money/pay-per-view share.

The former professional wrestler is a veteran of only seven professional MMA bouts, though he has managed to rout respected competitors like Heath Herring, Frank Mir and Randy Couture despite his relative inexperience. A college wrestling star for the University of Minnesota, Lesnar has also showed real grit in the cage in overcoming a first round stomping courtesy Shane Carwin only to rally and win via second round submission — this being his first fight back in action after grappling with a life- and career-threatening bout of diverticulitis. In his most recent outing, Lesnar was thoroughly beaten down by current champion Cain Velasquez, dropping that bout via first round TKO.

Though Lesnar has done considerably well inside the cage for what some would call his lack of MMA experience and has shown little other desire than to compete and prove himself within the sport, many fighters and fans dislike the flat-topped behemoth on account of his previous fame as a *GASP* pro-wrestler or feel that his astronomic paydays (at least in terms of MMA payouts) don’t fit with the dues he has so far paid in the sport.

Like it or not, Lesnar draws eyes to the sport, puts butts in the buckets and brings pay-per-view buys to the bank — all of that makes for a fat paycheck for the wannabe farmer.

Rather than complain idly over Lesnar’s wages like some, British brawler Dan Hardy recently took to Twitter to stake his claim to Lesnar’s fortune, saying that he is happy to fight the big man — who outweighs him by some one hundred pounds — for a piece of his pie.

“I think Brock Lesnar should give me some of his 5.3 million he has earned from MMA,” said Hardy. “I’d be more than happy to fight him for it too.”

Given Hardy’s penchant for being dominated by powerhouse wrestlers, someone may want to tell his agent not to have “The Outlaw” sign on the dotted line for that bout…