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“The Ultimate Fighter 13″ Episode Four Recap: Team Dos Santos Ups It To 3-1

Welcome to’s weekly recap of The Ultimate Fighter 13. We’ll be back each week with a breakdown of the episode and a play-by-play of the fights.

Team Dos Santos is riding high after their win last episode; wrestling coach Lew Polley believes that they are simply outworking Lesnar’s team and that their efforts will be evident in the coming fights.

Len Bentley, who lost to Ryan McGillivray in the last fight, laments his loss but vows to put it behind him and look for the wild card spot. Coach Lesnar comes back from dealing with his family business and says that, despite his disappointment in Bentley’s loss, he believes his last four fighters — “The Four Horsemen” — can take the show.

As Team Lesnar gets back in training, Brock calls out a few of his fighters for being off or lazy in training, taking Clay Harvison aside and doing his best to encourage the rest to get to work.

Afterward, the teams convene and Coach dos Santos comes in to announce the next match up, which is: Ramsey Nijem vs. Charles Rader. Dos Santos believes Nijem’s wrestling will carry him to victory, while Lesnar thinks the match is advantageous for his team.

Nijem paints his toenails and some of the guys give him guff for that and for watching “Glee.” Nijem plays it up and ends up naked at some point, for some reason and with that the lotion rubbing, homoerotic antics begin. Nijem likes the fact that everyone is underestimating him on account of his foolishness.

Lesnar brings in UFC Hall of Famer Matt Hughes to work with Rader and the other guys, all of whom seem to thoroughly enjoy having the opportunity to work with a legend.

Nijem and Rader prepare themselves with their respective coaches, and it’s hard not to feel sorry for Rader as he drills with his bear of a coach. Lesnar talks about the importance of keeping his fighters comfortable with their training and gameplans.

And the weigh-ins commence: Charlie Rader hits the mark at 170lbs. and Nijem follows suit, hitting 170lbs. on the nose.

Lesnar tells Rader that he should be disgraced if he loses on account of Nijem painting his toenails.

With that and some “getting-to=know-them-better” clips, Nijem and Rader are shown warming up for the bout in their named locker rooms; it isn’t long before they’re making their way to the cage. Herb Dean’s gonna call this one.

Ramsey Nijem vs. Charlie Rader

Round 1: Nijem bulls Rader into the cage pretty quickly and Rader does well in fending him off. They fight for position on the cage, trading the occasional knee while Nijem keeps Rader’s back to the fence. At about halfway through the round, Nijem lands a knee low and the action is halted briefly. When they get back to it, Nijem moves in behind a couple of hard-thrown shots and pushes Rader back into the fence, where they continue the same dance. With a minute left, Nijem finally completes the takedown, landing a few decent shots on the ground before Rader gets back to his feet. Nijem gets him back to the mat before long and pushes him into the cage with thirty to go. A big right hand closes the round for Nijem. scores the round 10-9 for Nijem

Round 2: They start out attempting to strike each other, but little of significance is landed before Nijem finds the opportunity to slam Rader to the mat. Rader gets back to his feet but Nijem is staying on him. They battle for positioning, but Nijem takes him down and then his back in short order. He goes for the rear naked and Rader taps with a quickness.

Ramsey Nijem defeated Charlie Rader via submission (rear naked choke) in Round 2.

Lesnar says that he knew Rader lost as soon as the cage doors shut on account of the look in Ramsey’s eyes; he says Nijem simply wanted it more. Dana White questions Rader’s mettle for how quickly he tapped.

Nijem says it: he showed everyone he’s not just here to paint his toes.

Rader gets emotional and Lesnar starts in on the whole team for half-assing it, calling them all “chicken sh**.” Bentley takes offense and walks out.

Here are the team standings so far:

Team Lesnar

Tony Ferguson
Clay Harvison
Chris Cope
Chuck O’Neil
Nordin Asrihdefeated by Shamar Bailey in episode 1 via unanimous decision
Len Bentleydefeated by Ryan McGillivray in episode 3 via majority decision
Charlie Raderdefeated by Ramsey Nijem in episode 4 via submission (rear naked choke)

Team Dos Santos

Shamar Bailey
Ryan McGillivray
Ramsey Nijem
Zach Davis
Mick Bowman
Justin Edwards
Javier Torresdefeated by Chris Cope in episode 2 via unanimous decision

That’s it for this week folks, check back next week for our continued coverage of The Ultimate Fighter 13.