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Jon Jones: I Admire Anderson Silva But Believe I Have What It Takes To Beat Him

Newly crowned UFC light heavyweight champion Jonny “Bones” Jones is looking to make his mark on the sport of MMA and recently told that he is willing to do so by taking on the man to whom he is often compared and inspires him to achieve the greatness which he has achieved: UFC middleweight champion and pound-for-pound great Anderson Silva.

“Because I look up to Anderson so much, I don’t look at myself as the guy to fight him right now,” Jones said. “Anderson’s one of the guys right now I look at his way of being to like Bruce Lee. I would need to do some serious soul-searching to know that I’d beat Anderson Silva’s [butt]. I think I have the capabilities of doing it. But I truly admire Anderson Silva.”

To hear Jones tell it, Silva has set the bar in terms of what an MMA competitor can accomplish and has come closest to achieving the sort of in-cage mindset that he himself is currently seeking to adopt.

“My goal is to reach a level of comfort in the Octagon where you don’t even process your thoughts,” Jones said. “You just move as your body thinks it. That’s what I’m looking for is that level of comfort, that level of cool. That’s what I’m trying to get. I think Anderson’s close to that. That’s what I want.”

Recently, Silva went on the record as saying that he would never fight Jones because of their differences in weight class and the fact that they are friends, though “The Spider” has changed his mind in the past.

Currently, Jones has another friend and former teammate on his docket in Rashad Evans and Silva is scheduled to take on Yushin Okami in late Summer at UFC: Rio. Anyway, it is looking as though a super fight between Silva and welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre is more likely to materialize than one between Jones and Silva, assuming of course that Silva gets past Okami and St. Pierre past Jake Shields later this month — both tasks that are easier said than done.