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Anderson Silva Not Interested In Fight Against Jon Jones, Open To Facing St. Pierre

Considering the virtuosic level of talent possessed by the UFC’s current champions, it is no wonder that people are calling for super fights between them where feasible. It began with the proposed dream match between welterweight champ Georges St. Pierre and middleweight kingpin Anderson Silva — which still seems to be on the table — and continued once young dynamo Jonny “Bones” Jones ascended to the light heavyweight throne, with people now calling for a fight between Silva and Jones.

Silva, the UFC’s most dominant and well-established champ, recently spoke with Brazilian website (props to about both of those super fights, revealing that he is opposed to one and open to the other.

In regards to moving up to light heavyweight (which he has done twice before to great effect) and facing the newly crowned champ, Silva said: “No chance, he’s in a different weight class, we are friends and we won’t fight each other.”

As far as St. Pierre is concerned, Silva expressed a willingness to take him on provided they both pass their respective next title defenses.

“There is a chance there, everything will depend on our results,” said Silva of a fight with “Rush.” “It depends on him winning at UFC 129 and me winning in August (against Yushin Okami). And from there, who knows, this fight could take place.”

St. Pierre takes on Jake Shields at the end of this month in what could be his toughest test to date as a champion, while Silva faces the last man to defeat him, Yushin Okami (albeit Okami won via disqualification after Silva knocked him out with an illegal up kick), at UFC: Rio.