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Keith Kizer: Thiago Silva May Not Be Cleared After One Year

UFC light heavyweight fighter Thiago Silva finds himself in some seriously hot water after returning a urine sample for his UFC 125 win over Brandon Vera that was “inconsistent with human urine.”

Silva used synthetic urine to mask the fact that he was using PEDs to get past an injury; though he at first denied any wrongdoing on his part, he eventually came clean after his second sample was revealed to also have failed the test. Silva had the book thrown at him for his infraction: his fighter license has been revoked for a year and he was ordered to pay a $33,750 fine by the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

That may not be all for the Brazilian fighter though, as NSAC executive director Keith Kizer recently revealed during an appearance on’s official radio show, Pro MMA Radio, that Silva is not out of the woods in terms of punishment just yet (props to MMAMania for the transcription).

“I heard some news sites saying it’s a one year suspension. That’s not the case,” said Kizer. “On a normal one year suspension, as long as you test clean, you’re back and you can fight again. We revoked [his fighter license]. On top of the PEDs(Performance Enhancing Drugs), he committed this fraudulent act. You have to wait at least a year before you can apply again and once he applies again, everything is still on the table. The commissioner may or may not say yes.”

Once Silva was caught, he readily admitted his infraction and cooperated fully with the NSAC. Kizer praised Silva for his eventual honesty and encouraged other fighters to do the same should they find themselves in similar situations.

“We’ve ramped it up since then to add to the deterrence. To me, I like it more when the commission takes away the whole win bonus. The win was changed to a ‘no contest’ as well. Mr. Silva did come clean, albeit belatedly,” Kizer said. “We want to encourage people to come clean. Obviously first of all we don’t want people do it but if they do do it, we want you to admit it. We don’t want guys to come out and say ‘I don’t know how these steroids got in my system’ if you do [get caught].

“He was actually very forthcoming at the hearing,” he continued. “Even if some guys admit that they’ve done it, their stories don’t quite add up. This was definitely a situation where everything added up that he said. It doesn’t excuse it but I think because of that maybe they wanted to send a message to other fighters.”

UFC 125: Resolution took place on January 1st; Silva defeated Vera via unanimous decision, however the bout was ruled a No Contest in light of Silva’s failed urine tests.