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“The Ultimate Fighter 13″ Episode Three Recap: Team Dos Santos Gets The Ball Back

Welcome to’s weekly recap of The Ultimate Fighter 13. We’ll be back each week with a breakdown of the episode and a play-by-play of the fights.

And we’re back at the gym, where the guys on Lesnar’s team question his motivating mantra of “chicken sh** to chicken salad,” with some of the fighters taking offense to being deemed “chicken sh**.” The former champ takes everyone aside and clarifies his meaning, telling them that they were just part of the herd before the how, but that now they are fighting to be the cream of the crop.

Cut to Team Dos Santos, where Myles Jury’s replacement Justin Edwards (who resembles a smaller, younger Randy Couture) is introduced and brought into the fold. Dos Santos’ wrestling coach Lew Polley explains to the fighters that, while Junior and the other coaches are coddling them a bit, he is going to be turning up the heat in their own best interest.

Team JDS is then shown training hard under Polley and it isn’t long before Shamar Bailey suffers a nasty cut. While Bailey is being tended to, dos Santos admits that Polley’s style of intense training, with the “screaming and saying bad things” isn’t his bag, but that he brought him in for his incredible wrestling prowess. Dos Santos tells his guys that all he wants is for them to train and fight hard and to be nice.

And cue the fight announcement, with Team Lesnar in control. Lesnar picks Len Bentley to take on Team JDS’ Ryan McGillivray.

Lesnar’s team express skepticism over the amount of time that Chris Cope spends with the opposing team, and Bentley brings it up to Lesnar after Cope watches one of his training sessions.

Dos Santos discusses with Polley how much of a role he is taking as a coach, explaining that he is here to help with wrestling and that he needs to discuss things with the rest of the coaches before implementing them in practice. Polley understands, is agreeable and all is well with Team Dos Santos.

Both men hit the scales and make weight for their respective bouts. Lesnar explains to Bentley that he’ll be unable to corner him for his fight for a personal issue which has come up. Mauricio “Shogun” Rua is brought in to watch the fight.

And with that, the guys make their way to the cage and get ready to do battle.

Ryan McGillivray Vs. Len Bentley

Round 1: Bentley comes out with a double hab-straight right that Ryan counters with a hook. A few more exchanges and Bentley drops McGillivray with an uppercut, shortly thereafter snatching the mount. McGillivray escapes from being mounted, but Bentley is still on top in half guard, dropping strikes. McGillivray recovers full guard, but eats an elbow or two. Bentley backs out and lets McGillivray back up. Ryan lands a nice straight right counter off of an attempted kick and then a clean left hook. McGillivray stings Bentley with a strong right hand and then drops him to the mat with another left hook. McGillivray follows him to the mat but lands in his guard, where Bentley holds onto him and tries to recover. Bentley rolls for an armbar against the cage. It looks bad for a moment, but McGillivray avoids and briefly grabs a reverse crucifix. McGillivray goes for the guillotine with twenty to go, but Bentley hangs on. scores the round 10-10

Round 2: The two trade lefts at the start, Bentley’s finds a home. McGillivray lands with a nice left and then barely misses a good elbow. Bentley grazes with a body kick before McGillivray sends home another good left hook. Bentley with solid left. Bentley gives McGillivray pause with a right. Bentley misses on a spinning back fist. McGillivray lands a right cross that paves the way for five or six follow up punches before he drops for the takedown, which he eventually gets. Bentley gets to his feet and turns McGillivray against the fence. Bentley starts in with the knees and lands a couple before McGillivray gets off the fence. Bentely with a one-two. Bentely tries the spinning back fist again and it connects with McGillivray’s arm. With under a minute to go, both men are opening up and landing punches. McGillivray ducks another spinning back fist and then presses forward with a string of punches at the bell. Close round. scores the round 10-9 for McGillivray

Ryan McGillivray defeated Len Bentley via unanimous decision (19-19, 20-18, 20-18)

Dana White consoles Bentely after his loss, telling him that he has nothing to be embarrassed about because he fought like a warrior.

The mood in Team Dos Santos’ locker room is excited and emotional, with McGillivray pledging to continue to do his best for his daughter.

That’s that folks, check back next week for out breakdown of episode four!