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Randy Couture Discusses His Unplanned Fighting Future

MMA legend, UFC Hall of Famer and multiple-time champion Randy “The Natural” Couture will be fighting Lyoto Machida later this month in what could be the 47-year old’s swan song, regardless of the bout’s outcome.

Couture spoke with recently about his end in the sport and about why it will likely be up in the air until it’s over.

“I’m coming to the end of it,” Couture said of his fighting career. “Realistically, I’m enjoying the transition to making more movies. There are a few very interesting fights out there for me, but realistically, at 47, the end is in sight. When that’s gonna be I don’t know. I’m taking them one at a time — I’ve been doing that for thirteen years now.”

After reneging on his previous retirement — which came in 2006 after his rubber match with Chuck Liddell — Couture has opted never again to publicly announce when he hangs up his gloves, preferring to let the end speak for itself.

“I’m not gonna say it’s the end, I’m not gonna make any official announcements. It doesn’t make sense to do that because they’ll throw something at me that’s intriguing and interesting to me and then I’ll be right back in there and then I will be the Brett Favre of MMA,” he said. “I did it once, I don’t think anyone’s gonna buy it a second time anyway. I think when I’m done, when I’m done fighting, I’ll just fade away.”

There has been speculation that a win over Machida could land Couture a title shot by virtue of his status as a veteran, but Couture isn’t paying much attention to that, saying that, while he’s open to it, his focus is on Machida and then he’s playing things by ear.

“That’s just the icing on the cake,” Couture said of titles. “It’s more about the individuals and the fights. The title is certainly nice, but I’ve done that and that’s not really what it’s about for me at this point. If that happens, that happens and if it doesn’t, that’s okay too.”

Couture will face Machida on April 30 at UFC 129: St. Pierre vs. Shields, which goes down at the Rogers Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.