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Weight Not An Issue For Dan Henderson In Fedor Fight

Strikeforce is currently working on putting together a superfight between Pride FC legends Dan Henderson — who currently holds the promotion’s light heavyweight title — and Fedor Emelianenko. Considering that Emelianenko normally fights at heavyweight (though weighs in relatively low for the division, usually around 230lbs.) and Henderson at either middleweight or light heavyweight, there have been concerns raised over which weight class will host the fight.

Emelianenko’s camp has offered to fight at a catchweight of as low as 215-220lbs., but, according to what his manager Aaron Crecy recently told MMAFighting, Henderson doesn’t care either way. He just wants the fight.

“Dan has indicated he’d love to have the fight and he hasn’t shied away from that,” Crecy said. “He’d love to have the fight, and have it at heavyweight. He’s happy to challenge Fedor there.”

Crecy explained that Henderson is extremely motivated by the prospect of facing Emelianenko and has even had his eye on the bout for some time.

“Dan admires the guy and feels it’s a challenge he’s wanted to take for a long time,” he said. “He’s embraced the possibility of it for a long time.”

Henderson’s manager made it clear that the ball is in Strikeforce and M-1 Global’s (Emelianenko’s management team) court and that, if this bout falls through, it will not be for lack of wanting or accommodation on Hendo’s part.

“It’s a fight that can only be good for the fans, the promotion and fighters,” Crecy said. “Two icons, two legends of the sport. There’s no reason not to do it. Dan certainly wants it from his end, he’s saying he wants the fight and he wanted to leave no reason for Fedor not to accept it. He’s not asking for a catch weight or 205. We’re not involved with the dialogue on the other side. That’s between Strikeforce and M-1. We have respect for Fedor and M-1 management and we’re optimistic something will be worked out. If M-1 and Strikeforce work out what they need to work out, Dan will be excited to take the fight.”

Should it materialize, it is rumored that Strikeforce is looking to book the Henderson-Fedor bout for a currently unannounced July event.