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Paul Daley “Would Love A Rematch” With Nick Diaz

British slugger Paul “Semtex” Daley helped contribute Saturday night to one of the most exciting one-round fights in recent memory by throwing caution to the wind and trading bombs with Strikeforce welterweight champion Nick Diaz.

Both men were wobbled more than once in the first round, but it was Daley who ended up on the losing end of things as referee Big John McCarthy stepped in with three seconds to go and halted the bout after “Semtex” lost his equilibrium, hit the ground and got pounced on by Diaz.

Daley took to his Facebook and stated that he would “love” a rematch with Diaz, and says the next go-round would be more exciting than the first.

“Hear people saying I should ask for a re-match!? I would love a re-match, given more preparation time, I feel a re-match would be even more exciting,” Daley wrote on his Facebook page.

In prior interviews, Daley had expressed his desire to get into a gutter brawl, a real fight, the kind his recent opponents had failed to deliver. “Semtex” readily admitted that he got what he asked for and credited his opponent for bringing the fight to him.

“Diaz is a great champion, and one of the realest MMA fighters out there, would love to do it again,” he wrote. “But for now, its ‘down time.'”