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Nick Diaz Happy To Be Suspended, Needed A Vacation

Strikeforce welterweight champion Nick Diaz is about as mercurial as they come, juxtaposing absolutely stellar in-cage performances with angry and sometimes bizarre rants and media appearances. Assertions that he is crazy or that his long-known affinity for marijuana has rotted his brain are a bit overblown though, as he might just have a grumpy disposition.

I mean, Stockton was recently dubbed one of the most unhappy cities in America.

Many people were quick to label Diaz as being “crazy” for a cryptic interview he gave’s Ariel Helwani following his weekend TKO victory over Paul Daley, where he asserted that he had been informed that he would be suspended for something that happened in the cage — since most people didn’t see the incident or it wasn’t picked up by the cameras, most chalked it up to another “zany” outburst from the unpredictable Diaz.

“They’re gonna suspend me for that sh** and I don’t even know why I do this. I’m like, ‘whatever, suspend me.’ Whatever, I need a vacation anyways, they fight me too much,” he told Helwani. “I’m not gonna be the one to back outta these fights. Nobody gives a sh** about me. They’re over here throwing me into fight after fight after fight. They’re like, ‘Oh, this guy will knock him out, we’ll get rid of him like that.’ You’re gonna have to find some other way.”

However, it was revealed today by that Diaz was informed by an official in-cage after he directed a brief outburst toward Daley and seemingly someone(s) in the audience that he would likely be facing disciplinary action. The CSAC also told MMAJunkie that Diaz would not be facing any disciplinary action for the minor antics.

He will be getting his vacation though, as the CSAC gave him a sixty day medical suspension for a cut he incurred during the fight.

Diaz will always be a mercurial figure and many of those widely held ideas about him are rooted in truth, but it is important not to get carried away with the picture we have painted of the man by assuming that everything he does will always reflect what people rightly or wrongly assume he will do.

Love him, hate him or just don’t understand him, Diaz is a fighter of the highest caliber with grit to spare. He engaged in one of the most memorable rounds in MMA history last Saturday night, battling back and forth with Paul Daley before eventually earning the TKO stoppage late in the first. Is it really so serious that he has quirks and mood swings?